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BERN, – OLD love doesn’t rust, it dries up.

The classic German proverb which means that true love never rusts, only withers has been believed to be true by many people.

But, that didn’t apply to Diana.

“The fire of my love for Raphael never goes out, let alone molts. It will continue to burn, forever,” said the woman from Semarang recently.

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In fact, the obstacles to his love so far have been mounting.

The distance of tens of thousands of kilometers between Semarang and Schopheim, Germany is one of them.

Not to mention, in recent years there has been a Covid-19 pandemic.

However, all of that feels like nothing to Diana since last year.

This happened after she received the news that Raphael had died in her bedroom, while the process of processing the marriage documents was being pursued.

“At first I was confused, my chat was read, but not answered,” recalls Diana.

The next day, he got a chat from Raphael’s parents.

“I found Raphael in his room. He died. And, his body was immediately taken by the police for examination,” reads Raphael’s father’s message to Diana.

Raphael was found dead on July 18, 2021.

The news broke Diana’s heart.

When the wedding agenda is in sight, it can suddenly be destroyed.

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“I didn’t believe it at the time. Maybe he wanted to disappear and quietly leave me,” he said.

To prove Raphael’s death, he wanted to visit his grave in person.

Even though her visa has been refused twice by the German government, Diana is still trying to be able to visit Raphael’s grave which she thinks is in Germany.

However, the humanitarian visa also ran aground.

“I then wrote to a Facebook group in Germany, if anyone could visit Raphale’s grave,” he explained.

Unfortunately, Diana said, many users in the German Facebook Community actually asked her to just give up their intentions and hopes to find the grave of her lover.

photo" data-photolink="" style="max-width: 100%;width:750px">Diana’s Personal Documents Raphael’s grave in Germany (pictured). Diana, who is from Semarang, told her life story that she had to lose Raphael before their wedding last year.

Not giving up, he was then moved to post on the Indonesian Forum Facebook group in Switzerland.

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Diana thought maybe someone could help her find Raphael’s grave.

“For some reason, this hand seems to be moved to contact the Swiss Indonesia Forum group,” he said.

As a result, information on Raphael’s tomb was found.

Raphael’s grave is in the Friedhof Fahrnau burial complex in Kita Schopfheim, Lörrach district in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

His grave is located in the back corner of the cemetery complex.

Raphael was not buried alone, but with the ashes of other corpses. That is, one headstone can be inscribed with 10 names.

At that time Raphael’s name had not been engraved. However, wreaths of white ribbons had been scattered in front of the gravestones and condolences were all around.

“I’d prefer Raphael to lie to me, but he’s still alive. I’d rather he’s alive,” she sobbed.

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But, Raphael is really gone for good.

The city government of Schopfheim has also confirmed the news of the death when asked for information

“Yes, (Raphale) is dead. His ashes are interred in the mass grave in Fahrnau,” the Schopfheim funeral parlor wrote to recently.

Diana admitted that she was desperate to find out the exact news of Raphael’s death.

“I’m tired, desperate. Falling sick, even having to healing to Bali. But, my love is eternal. I’m still in communication with Raphael. In dreams, in solemn daily prayers,” he said.

With the help of a friend from Switzerland, Diana had seen Raphael’s grave via video call.

“I’m glad there’s a new flower. And on the tombstone, it’s written his name,” he said.

Diana and Raphael met through the internet. From chatting, their love grew.

Ground coffee between the two was then carried out, including in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Bali, and Semarang.

After four years of dating, they decided to get married in 2021.

However, when the process of obtaining Diana’s visa for marriage was being pursued, Raphael died suddenly.

“I still love him. We will be together again in that world. He will always be waiting for me,” he assured.

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