The story of Farid Okbah’s meeting with Suharto, Jokowi to Anies


Teacher Farid Okbah Have you ever met the second President of the Republic of Indonesia? Suharto. The story of the meeting was revealed by his lawyer, Ismar Syafruddin.

“March 20, 1997,” said Ismar when asked for confirmation, Saturday (20/11/2021).

The two met at the National Working Meeting of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). At that time Suharto met a number of other MUI administrators, one of whom was Farid Okbah.

“(In the context of) the MUI National Working Meeting. He was still young at that time and he was invited to the State Palace as an MUI administrator. He also met (sixth Indonesian Vice President) Try Sutrisno,” he said.

Ismar then exhibited a number of other state officials that his client met, including the 9th Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Hamzah Haz, Jusuf Kalla, and finally with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). “Meeting with Hamzah Haz during Megawati, JK and Jokowi on July 17, 2020,” said Ismar. got a portrait when Farid Okbah met Suharto. The man, who is now a suspect in a non-terrorism crime, was seen wearing a dark suit.

in photo, Farid Okbah seen shaking hands with Suharto wearing a cap.

Meet Anies Baswedan

Photo of Farid Okbah meeting with DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan also circulated on social media. It was said that their meeting took place a few days before Farid Okbah was finally arrested by a team from the National Police’s Anti-Terror Detachment 88.

“When Ustaz Farid’s father-in-law died, it turned out that Mr. AB (Anies Baswedan) and his mother were also present at the place,” said Ismar.

Ismar said Ustaz Farid’s father -in -law died on Saturday (13/11). Then, on Tuesday (16/11), Farid Okbah arrested by the Densus 88 team.

Ismar did not mention the detailed address of the funeral home that Anies visited. He only said that the house Anies visited was near the Jatiasih sub-district office, Bekasi.

“Near the Jatiasih sub-district office. Indeed, he died about a week ago, around Saturday if I’m not mistaken. Then on Tuesday he (Farid) was arrested (Densus),” he said.

Ismar further praised Anies, who was willing to take the time to attend the funeral when Farid’s father-in-law died. According to him, Anies always spread kindness everywhere.

“That’s where he showed sensitivity. He was present everywhere to spread goodness,” added Ismar.

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