The story of an Australian citizen rents a private jet of IDR 400 million to meet his beloved dog from Bali

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, AUSTRALIA – In order to be back with her dog, an Australian woman from the Sunshine Coast in the state of Queensland rented a plane to fly her.

For six years, Natasha Corbin has been trying to bring her beloved dog, Munchkin, to Australia.

Munchkin was once a street dog in Bali and was discovered by Natasha and her fiancé, David Daynes, while they were living in Bali.

“When we were in Bali, my partner made a rule. Because I really like dogs, I can’t interact with any dogs,” said Natasha.

“I ignore all dogs as much as I can, but this dog, Munchkin, a very small puppy, comes with us everywhere and somehow he’s near our villa.”

To be able to bring Munchkin to Australia, Natasha was even willing to move and live temporarily in New Zealand.

He said that from his consideration of the pet quarantine rules, it was easier for him to bring dogs from New Zealand to Australia, rather than bringing them from Indonesia to Australia.

Therefore, the couple chose to move from Bali to New Zealand with Munchkin, two years ago.

But in the last five months Natasha has returned to Australia and separated from her partner and beloved dog.

To be able to regroup before Christmas, Natasha decides to charter a private plane by selling the empty seats to other residents who want to fly.

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