The Story of a Woman Living with 2 Husbands, Tragic Ending Reveals Shocking Facts


A case of marriage in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China, had become the spotlight. The case occurred in 2015 when a woman reported to the police that her first husband had killed her current husband.

Knowing this, the police immediately launched an investigation and visited the scene. There the police found the body of a man lying with 10 stab wounds in the stomach. Police confirmed the identity of the body as 47-year-old Wang Moumin and the legal husband of the complainant, Hou Moujin.

The woman named Hou Moujin told that her first husband, Ma Rui, had killed her second husband. However, after the police investigated Ma Rui, there seemed to be something strange about his identity. Ma Rui’s information could not be found in any database system. Not only that, there was no marriage registration for Hou Mojun and Ma Rui either.

The police again summoned Hou Mojun for questioning. Reporting from, Mojun said that he met Ma Rui while working in the city of Wudan. Her first husband introduced himself as Ma Rui. Even though he wasn’t rich, Ma Rui treated Mojun very well.

Feeling suitable, Ma Rui and Hou Moujin lived together. Because they have lived together for many years, the two of them consider each other as husband and wife. Everything was going well until in early 2015 Ma Rui suddenly told him that he had cancer and that he only had 2 years to live.

Not wanting his wife to be sad, Ma Rui asked him to remarry soon. Ma Rui even found a new husband for his wife and finally found Wang Moumin. In early September 2015, Hou Mojun and Wang Moumin went to register their marriage. After getting married, the three of them still live together. Mojun also became the wife of the two men.

On September 30, 2015, when the three were in the same room, Ma Rui suddenly stabbed Wang Moumin with a knife. Hou Mojun who saw this immediately panicked, while Ma Rui immediately ran away.

It was later discovered that Ma Rui was only a pseudonym. Ma Rui’s real name was Ren Jiwen. Therefore he never registered his marriage. Not only that, the surprising fact that Ren Jiwen turned out to be a criminal on the run was just revealed.

Ren Jiwen alias Ma Rui Foto:–

Apparently it wasn’t the first time Ma Rui aka Ren Jiwen had killed someone. In 1993 he had an argument with someone and slashed the person with a knife. However, because at that time the police investigation capabilities were still limited, Ren Jiwen managed to escape and disguise his identity.

Now Ren Jiwen has been caught and has confessed to his crime. Ren Jiwen said that he actually made up the story about his cancer because he had a prophecy that he would get something big that might be related to his old case.

Feeling sorry and not wanting his wife to be dragged away, Ren Jiwen asked his wife to remarry. But it turns out that after marriage, the legal husband of his wife, Wang Moumin, wants Ren Jiwen to move out and is no longer at home. Ren Jiwen disagreed and the conflict between the two began. Until finally Ren Jiwen killed Wang Moumin.

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