The Story of a Sweeper Winning the Regional Head Election Against the President’s Party, Because of Replacing Empty Boxes

POVALIKHINO, – A female cleaner wins the election for the village head in Russia, by beating his boss who actually installed it to replace the empty box.

Marina Udgodskaya, 35 years old, was deliberately placed by her boss who didn’t want to win absolutely against the empty box.

Apparently, Marina actually won. He got twice as many votes as his superior, who was a former village council leader.

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Marina was surprised by the result, and decided to take the role of regional leader.

The priority program is to build play facilities for children.

This incident took place in Povalikhino — a clustered area of ​​nine hamlets, which can be reached from Moscow by driving for 9 hours.

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Marina Udgodskaya never had any intention of participating in regional head elections in an area of ​​400 people.

He was promoted by his boss who was affiliated with the President’s party Vladimir Putin, United Russia.

Some people believe that Marina’s victory happened because of her party Putin very unpopular in the area.

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Others said that the government’s neglect of rural areas created distrust of villagers in the central government.

Marina Udgodskaya said the priority of her first development program was to build a swimming pool for children.

Two mentors have been appointed to help him run the government in Povalikhino.

Until the end of this month, Marina was still doing her job as a cleaner, before finally becoming the head of the Povalikhino district.

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