The Story of a Schoolgirl Hoax That Ends Beheading French Teacher Samuel Paty


PARIS – Who would have thought the terrible beheading the history teacher experienced at French , Samuel Paty, last year was triggered by fake stories or hoaxes from his 13 year old student.

The student, identified by the local media by the initials Z, initially told her father that Paty, 47, had asked Muslim students to leave the classroom before the teacher showed her a naked cartoon. Nabi Muhammad , which is considered highly taboo and offensive to Muslims.

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This naughty student is known as a truant student. He wanted to prevent his father from finding out about his mischief at school. He also claims he was suspended after fighting Paty and defending Muslim students in his class.

After hearing the story, his father was angry; Moroccan-born Brahim Chnina, 48, shared a video on Facebook in which he denounced Paty and asked her to be fired from high school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. The second, equally angry video was in-posting on social media accusing Paty of “discrimination”.

Chnina complained to the school and police, claiming Paty was guilty of “distributing pornographic images”, and sparking allegations of Islamophobia at the school.

Ten days later, the issue rolled around on social media and reached Abdullakh Anzorov, 18, a Chechen migrant living in Normandy and surfing the internet for some purpose.

On October 16, Anzorov traveled to Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, paying two teenagers from the school to identify Paty when he returned home on Friday night and beheaded her. Anzorov was killed by police shortly after acting out.



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