The story of a man who rented his house for 120,000 riyals… and his wife’s sudden behavior towards the tenant made him give up the amount! • Journal of the Observatory

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sultan Al-Makhlafi told the story of a woman who lost 120,000 riyals with her husband due to a WhatsApp message.

During an interview with Al-Resala TV, he said, “A story that happened 3 or 4 years ago, of a virtuous man and his wife, who rented his house in northern Riyadh to one person, for around 120,000 per year”.

He pointed out that the tenant procrastinated in paying the amount and his wife and the house owner’s wife were participating in a WhatsApp group.

He continued: The tenant and his wife filed a complaint against the homeowner’s wife with the police, which became a criminal case and the matter was transferred to the criminal court.

He added: “The deal was done in exchange for giving up the 120,000 instead of exposing the homeowner’s wife to confinement or flogging.”

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