The story of a household member who claims to be confined to Desiree Tarigan’s confession page all

JAKARTA, – Famous attorney’s wife Hotma Sitompoel, Desiree Tarigan, and his son, Bams eks Samsons, reported to the police by their household assistant (ART), Wednesday (7/4/2021).

The household member, known as Irni, reported Desiree and Bams because they claimed to have been locked up in the room all day.

But at the same time, Desiree and Bams dismissed all these accusations.

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Here are some of the stories summarized by

1. ART story

Irni said, on February 24, 2021, he was kept in a room and was always under surveillance.

“When I entered the bathroom, I had to ask the two people for permission,” said Inri, sobbing when she was met at the Komnas Perenpuan office, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (8/4/2021).

According to Irni, Desiree detained his cellphone because he was considered a spy by the family.

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“At that time my cellphone was confiscated by that person. That’s how I was scolded by that person, to the point of destroying his household, being accused of receiving payment to pay off. That’s not true,” said Irni.

Meanwhile, Irni’s attorney, Vidi Galenso Syarif, explained that the report to Komnas Perempuan about Irni could not be entered because they had to undergo an Antigen Swab test first.

2. Desiree and Bams confession

A few hours after Irni’s arrival, Desiree and Bams visited the Komnas Perempuan office.

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Desiree also denied all the allegations.

He emphasized that he would prove everything in due time.

“It’s slander, it’s not true. We’ll prove it later,” said Desiree.

Almost in line with Desiree, his son, Bams, ex-Samsons, also confirmed that it was all slander.

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The singer of “Most Beautiful Memories” left all processes in the hands of the police.

For information, Irni has reported Desiree and Bams on charges of depriving others of their freedom and accessing other people’s data without permission to the South Jakarta Police, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

Both cases are regulated in Article 333 of the Criminal Code in conjunction with Article 30 of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning ITE.


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