The Storming of Congress – Trump vs. Cheney:

On his own social medium, former President Trump Trump takes a hard line against Liz Cheney, deputy chair of the committee that is investigating his role in the storming of Congress on January 6 last year.

Trump calls the 55-year-old Republican representative “a repulsive person,” and calls her committee “false and unelected.”

MAIN ENEMY: Liz Cheney (R) is the deputy chair of the congressional committee investigating Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 riots. Photo: J. Scott Applewhite / AP / NTB
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He also goes against what he perceives as unbalanced media coverage, and attacks his former White House employee Cassidy Hutchinson as a “liar”.

– Dangerous

Cheney himself slammed the ex-president in an interview Sunday.

“A man as dangerous as Donald Trump can never come close to the Oval Office again,” she said.

The extensive hearing, in which a number of the former president’s current and former close associates have testified, may result in a recommendation that the Ministry of Justice open a criminal case against him.

Several, including Trump’s Attorney General William Barr, have explained that the ex-president spoke against his better judgment when he already declared on election night that the election winner had been “stolen” from him.

“SUPERVITNE”: The former assistant to Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Cassidy Hutchinson, testified at the hearing about the attack on Congress on January 6, 2021. Video: AP
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– Kvelertak

Furthermore, a number of witnesses have substantiated the impression that Trump on January 6 last year frantically tried to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to sabotage the formal approval of the election result in Congress.

Trump is also said to have tried to take over the wheel when he learned that his car was not on its way to Congress that fateful day. He is also said to have strangled the Secret Service agent who was driving the vehicle.

In the interview on Sunday, Cheney would not answer whether she excludes herself as a presidential candidate in the 2024 election. According to the New York Times, on the other hand, Trump is expected to announce himself as a candidate later in July.

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