The stores set their own PlayStation 5 prices – will be more expensive than the Xbox Series X

From Sony hit the table that PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition should cost $ 499 and $ 399, respectively, many assumed that it would result in prices on a par with the console competitor Xbox Series X in this country. Microsoft’s new console is in fact at the same price level, 499 dollars, which has resulted in a suggested retail price of 5499 kroner.

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Still, it seems that PlayStation 5 is getting more expensive than the competitor in this country.

According to the price comparison service Prisguiden, most online stores will currently charge around NOK 5,999 to pre-order PlayStation 5 with optical drive. The version without optical drive is about 4999 kroner.

Sony tells that it is the stores themselves that set prices in Norway, and Sony itself has not come out with any official indicative price.

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– Only estimates based on previous experience

It still seems as if the stores themselves do not quite know what to charge for PlayStation 5. In the last 24 hours, Komplett has exchanged between 5999 and – in a very short period – 6499 kroner, for example. We asked them if 5999 would be the price they ended up launching.

Kristin Hovland, Head of communication for Komplett Group. Photo: Kristin Hovland

– The most important thing for Komplett is to always offer our customers competitive prices, something we will definitely do as soon as PlayStation 5 is ready for sale. The prices we have stated so far are only estimates based on previous experience, but we do not rule out that the price may be lower and hopefully not higher. Norway is now waiting for PlayStation 5 and we fully understand that customers want to know what the game console will cost, Komplett’s communications manager, Kristin Hovland, tells

PlayStation 5 will be released on November 19 this year, while Xbox Series X – and the little brother console Xbox Series S – will be released on November 13. PlayStation 5 comes in two versions: one with optical drive, and one without. About 1000 kroner separates the two models on the market now.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have major differences. While the Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship with the most performance, the Xbox Series S is a slightly more stripped-down version that has a little less to deal with. Microsoft markets it as the Xbox Series S primarily having a lower resolution than its big brother.

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