The Stloukal case: Damage to all Czech hockey, the union decided uncompromisingly

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“Yes, I can confirm this information. Given that the contract is tied to the person of Martin Stloukal as head coach, this is set out in the contract. His work was funded by state money. We terminated the agreement on the basis of statements with a racist subtext, to which we have a right. He can work in the club as a youth coach, but he cannot function as the head coach of the Youth Sports Center, “Zdeněk Zikmund, spokesman for the Czech Ice Hockey Association, described the situation for

The decision to terminate the contract was made in August. The club will be significantly affected by the financial performance that traveled from the association to the Youth Sports Center. It is in the order of hundreds of thousands a year.

Dot after the case Stloukal? The Technology Coach was given a condition and a financial fine

“The decision was made in August at the second meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee. We did not hide it, it is also included in the record, it goes to all clubs in the republic. It took a while for our lawyers to work it out. The club received a letter a few days ago. If the club finds a successor who will meet the qualification requirements, we will renew the contract very quickly, we would not delay this, “says Zikmund.

There is no way with Stloukal, so the union sees it. “As a coach, he is funded from public funds, and all institutions that distribute funds have condemned his statements and declared them inadmissible. These are the Ministry of Education, the National Agency for Sports, the South Moravian Region and the City of Brno. It is a damage to the whole Czech hockey, “adds Zikmund.

At the end of August, the disciplinary commission of the Czech Ice Hockey Association (ČSLH) dealt with the statements of the Technika Brno junior coach in front of his charges. year and at the same time a financial fine of 10 thousand crowns for obstructing the activities of the commission.

Jágr about Stloukal: Personally, I have no problem with his speech. What bothers him about criticizing the coach?

“But I didn’t say anything racist, so I don’t feel I should apologize for anything. My diet advice is perfectly fine. It is said exactly, as it should be. There is nothing wrong with that, “said Stloukal in June.

The next few days will show how the club will react. “The coach is ill. When we can sit down, we will do it, “Zdeněk Kubica, chairman of Technika Brno, told the server.


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