The Stewardess Said, It’s Better to Sleep Than Eat on the Plane


Sleep is the activity most often carried out by passenger while on aircraft. It turns out that sleep is recommended more than other activities.

Reported from CNNa person air hostess named Brit Kris Major has worked for 24 years. For decades he has experienced flying short and long distances.

Reflecting on his experience, Brit said, on long-haul flights sleeping is the activity most passengers do. And, the activity is indeed sip.

“It is better for passengers to sleep than to eat,” he said.

One of the causes of sleeping better than eating on a flight is the food service which often does not match the usual meal times. There is acclimatization and crossing time zones making mealtimes messy.

“Prioritize sleep over dinner at 3 in the morning,” he said.

This flight attendant said that passengers who want to eat better do so at the airport. The food in the restaurant or lounge will be better than the one on the plane.

“The pressure in the cabin is very low, reducing oxygen in the blood and bad sense of smell,” he said.

The air in the airplane cabin is also very dry and makes the senses less sensitive. This will make passengers need more salt to make the food taste better. Even though excessive salt will make passengers more dehydrated.

Not only that, Professor Oxford Charles Spence, a taste and food expert, also said that the sound of a machine can make food taste bitter by up to 10 percent, so it would be better if you eat with headphones or earplugs.

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“Food is also not heated properly. Heavy carbohydrates such as bread can make passenger jet lag worse,” he said.

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