The Steam version of “Dungeon Mystery Trail” will be released soon, and the new characters of “Animal Stroll: Arena” will be added to the trailer | 4Gamers

Taiwan’s independent game team HuMoFish Games developed the fantasy puzzle “Dungeon and Puzzles” (Dungeon and Puzzles), with the help of the digital Kraft of the “Animal” team, today (31) announced that the official version of the game will be released It will be officially released on Steam on January 15, 2021.

“Dungeon Mystery Trail” was produced solely by HuMoFish when it was first developed and was originally scheduled to be launched in June this year. I met Marcin Michalski, who had participated in the professional scene art production of the “Witcher” series, and decided to cooperate and greatly adjusted the art, the overall game, and the user experience. The game release date was postponed. After half a year of adjustment and polishing, it can finally be shown to all players in a brand new look.

201231-dungeon-01 (2)

“Dungeon Mystery Trail” is a dungeon-themed puzzle game that tests players to test the logic of 2D space and takes the cute pixel style. The adventurer’s abilities will change with the switch of picking equipment, so every step needs to be thoughtful . After passing the level, you can continue to try different strategy routes and optimize the solution.

201231-dungeon-01 (2)

201231-dungeon-01 (1)

The existing demo version has only 20 levels, and the full version of the game will have up to 150 well-designed levels. More complex maps, more types of monsters, and more exquisite pixel scenes are waiting for players to discover.

Challenge the best number of steps is one of the features of “Dungeon Mystery Trail”. Each level has the standard number of steps arranged by HuMoFish. Of course, this may not be the best number of steps, so when you pass the level Besides, the steps taken are less than the preset has become another challenge in the game.

If you are a player who likes puzzle-solving and brain-burning games, you may wish to download the free trial version to experience it. The official said that the game will have a small discount at the first launch, and interested players should not forget to add “Dungeon Mystery” to the Steam wish list.

In addition, digital Kraft’s latest work “Animal Coffin: Arena” also previews the appearance of new characters, and released silhouette pictures. It is expected that the detailed modeling and information of the characters will be announced soon.



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