The Stealth Fighter F-35: Pilot Protection Function and Difficulty Tracking Location

The Stealth Fighter F-35: Pilot Protection Function and Difficulty Tracking Location

After the escape pilot landed, residents said, “I don’t know where the plane is.”

F-35 stealth aircraft

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Noh Jae-hyun = The U.S. Marine Corps announced on the 21st (local time) that the reason why the stealth fighter F-35, which recently crashed in the United States, flew about 100 km without a pilot was due to a pilot protection function.

According to foreign media such as the Associated Press, the U.S. Marine Corps explained that the plane was able to fly alone for 60 miles (about 100 km) before crashing in rural South Carolina thanks to flight control software that assists the pilot in emergency situations.

This means that the pilot did not immediately crash even after an emergency escape due to a type of autopilot function installed to prevent accidents in situations such as temporary loss of consciousness due to excessive gravitational acceleration.


The Marine Corps said, “If the fighter is in stable level flight, it will continue to do so,” and “If the fighter is set to ascend or descend, it will maintain 1G (1x the acceleration of gravity) in the ascending or descending state until another command is issued. “He explained.

He said, “This is a function to save the lives of pilots who become unable to fly or have no situational awareness.”

In addition, the secret communication deletion function was pointed out as the reason for the difficulty in determining the location of the F-35 fighter jet.

“Aircraft are usually tracked through radar or transponder codes,” the Marine Corps said. “(In the F-35) the fighter is designed to delete all classified communications as soon as the pilot ejects.”

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He went on to say that although the accident fighter continued to send out enemy identification signals, it was not detected by the air traffic control system, and bad weather such as thunderstorms and low clouds made the search difficult. “Due to the stealth function of the F-35, tracking the fighter had to be done in a non-traditional way.” He emphasized.

US Marines controlling the area near the F-35 crash site

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On the 17th, a situation occurred in South Carolina, USA, where an F-35 fighter pilot belonging to the US Marine Corps made an emergency evacuation, and the fighter was found crashed the next day after an extensive search.

However, the U.S. Marine Corps emphasized that although controversy arose over the loss of the F-35, it was able to protect the lives of not only the pilots but also citizens on the ground thanks to the pilot assistance function in question.

It is claimed that the reason it was able to land in a remote open field rather than in a densely populated area was because it had this function.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported based on a recording of a 911 call from a South Carolina resident that an unusual situation occurred in which a pilot who escaped from an F-35 and landed using a parachute was confused because he did not know where the plane he was on had gone.

The resident who discovered the pilot called 911 and asked if an ambulance could come to the house, saying, “We have a pilot in our house and it appears to have fallen in the backyard.”

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The pilot, who revealed his age as 47 years old, estimated that he fell from 2,000 feet (approximately 600 meters) and said he was fine except that his back hurt. He said, “I am a military pilot and I escaped. I don’t know where the plane was and it must have crashed somewhere.”

According to the Marine Corps, the pilot is a veteran with decades of flying experience.

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