The State Parliament of Saxony-Anhalt Aims to Assess Political Measures Regarding Corona, Reports MDR.DE.

Linke sees considerable need for clarification

Die The then black-red-green state government deliberately left parliament out of the decisions to contain Covid-19, criticizes Eva von Angern, leader of the Left Party in the state parliament. That led to very questionable decisions, with far-reaching consequences for the citizens. For example, according to Eva von Angern, there were pandemic staffs in which not a single woman was represented.

When it came to entitlement to emergency care, many professional groups were simply left out because women lacked the experience.

Eva von Angern (The Left)
Members of Parliament

Suddenly, many women said: Back to the stove, which was a problem, especially for single parents. Because the decisions were passed by the state parliament, there was also a lack of transparency, said von Angern: “Our knowledge and ideas could not be incorporated into the measures and at the same time it was difficult for people to understand the decisions.”

This is one of the reasons why the left suggested in December last year that the state parliament should apologize to the children and young people for the problems caused by the Corona policy. “That was rejected by all the other factions. I very much regret that because I think it would be right to admit that we made mistakes here.”

SPD wants to learn lessons for civil protection

Saxony-Anhalt’s SPD parliamentary group also sees that mistakes were made in dealing with children and young people. SPD faction leader Katja Pähle doesn’t see the fact that parliament was governed as a major problem: “Crises are always times for the executive because you need quick decisions. Imagine if we had held lengthy hearings for various measures.” From today’s perspective, some things were just knitted with a hot needle because there was no time for more precise coordination in the pandemic staff.

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Of course mistakes happened, for example the things that were then criticized by the constitutional court. I believe that the special challenges of that time should not be ignored.

Katja Pähle (SPD)
faction leader

Katja Pähle thinks it makes sense to set up an inquiry commission, because before Corona, the issue of civil protection did not play a major role. “If we were in a situation like that again, what have we learned? What have we improved since then? Where have we drawn conclusions? I think that’s a point to actually look at. Getting better can never go wrong .”

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