The State of Victoria Records Two Consecutive Days of Zero Covid-19 Cases

Illustration of the handling of Covid-19 by the Australian government. (Source: AAP via ABC Indonesia)

MELBOURNE, KOMPAS.TV – States Victoria, Australia, today for the second time recorded no new cases Covid-19. This marks the second day in a row since yesterday, no cases were found Covid-19 new in Victoria.

Leader or Premier of the state Victoria Daniel Andrews announced an easing of social restrictions in the state.

Citizens Victoria can make visits to other residents’ homes since midnight tonight. In addition restaurants, bars and cafés are set to open tomorrow.

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Melbourne, which is the capital of the state of Victoria, has experienced being one of the centers of the spread of Covid-19 in Australia.

They then carried out a tight lockdown, until finally yesterday they managed to record the first day without cases of the corona virus, in the last four months.

“The most important thing today is to acknowledge that with zero cases and so much testing over the weekend, not only in the north but across the state, we can say that now is the time to unlock,” Andrews said as quoted by the report. the Associated Press, Monday (26/10/2020).


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