The state of the pandemic in Africa as of June 27, 2020

Addis Ababa (© 2020 Afriquinfos) -Even if it has the best medical infrastructure on the continent, and even if it can count on the power of its medicine, South Africa remains the African country most affected by the covid pandemic- 19 with 124,590 positive cases since the start of the pandemic, 2,340 deaths and 64,111. Behind it comes Egypt with 62,755 positive cases. Next comes Nigeria with 23,298 positive cases.

For its part, Algeria with 12,685 positive cases; 885 deaths and 9,066 healings have one of the highest covid-19 mortality rates on the continent. In Central Africa, Cameroon has become the epicenter of the pandemic with 12,592 positive cases, 313 deaths and 10,100 cured, but with one of the highest cure rates. Then comes Morocco, with 11,633 positive cases, 218 deaths and 8,656 cures, before Sudan, with 9,257 positive cases, 572 deaths and 4,014 cures. Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal complete the top 10 most affected countries on the continent with respectively (8,739 positive cases; 64 deaths; 3,587 cured) and (6,354 positive cases; 98 deaths; 4,193 cured).

However, Southern Africa remains the most affected area on the continent with 129,699 positive cases, 2,404 deaths and 66,454 cures, just ahead of North Africa (92,674 reported cases; 3,910 deaths; 36,847 cures) , West Africa (69,955 positive cases; 1,235 deaths 37,881 cured), East Africa (34,421; 1,032; 15,814) and Central Africa (32,659 cases; 702 deaths ; 16061 healings.) In all, as of June 26, the African continent has registered 359,408 cases, 9,283 deaths and 173,057 healings. Note that 42% of deaths are recorded in North Africa.

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South Africa also launched the first test program for a covid-19 vaccine on Thursday to contain the pandemic.

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