The State Appeals Verdict on Human Rights Violations to Supreme Court

The State Appeals Verdict on Human Rights Violations to Supreme Court

The state is appealing the verdict from the Borgarting Court of Appeal, where the state was convicted of violating the human rights of three former inmates in connection with strip searches, to the Supreme Court. Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB

The state has been convicted in both the district court and the court of appeal for violating the human rights of three inmates in Bergen prison, but is appealing further to the Supreme Court.


Less than 20 minutes ago

In 2022, the state was convicted of human rights violations after several hundred inmates at Bergen prison had been subjected to extensive strip searches over time. Among other things, a female inmate was asked to remove a tampon while a prison officer looked on.

In the judgment from the Oslo District Court, however, the Ministry of Justice was not ordered to pay compensation to the three former inmates who had gone to trial, which the Borgarting Court of Appeal changed in a judgment in August this year.

Two of them then received compensation of NOK 100,000, while the third was awarded NOK 75,000.

Appeal the judgment in its entirety

The state has now appealed the entire judgment from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court, both the legal and factual aspects.

In the appeal, government lawyer Liv Inger Gjone Gabrielsen writes, among other things, that the case is of great financial importance, because there are more than 200 former inmates who have notified claims. The state also believes that there is no basis for awarding compensation and that the level of compensation is too high in any case.

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The former inmates’ lawyers, Maria Hessen Jacobsen and Olaf Halvorsen Rønning at Elden Advokatfirma, believe for their part that the appeal should be refused in its entirety.

– Will stand the race

– Our clients are of course disappointed, but not surprised. It is demanding to stand in such a process, and especially when the state asks for a constant rematch on something that is initially clearly and clearly clarified in Norwegian law. But the clients are motivated, and will stand the test, say lawyers Maria Hessen Jacobsen and Olaf Halvorsen Rønning at Elden Advokatfirma.

The lawyers also respond to the state’s appeal showing that the case is of great financial importance.

– That the Government Attorney is more concerned with the fact that gross and repeated violations of human rights are expensive for the state than regretting and apologizing for the fact that citizens’ human rights have been violated is, to say the least, shocking, say the two lawyers.


Published: 26.09.23 at 06:52

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