The start of the South American Marathon in the World Cup qualifiers … Argentina begins the campaign with a difficult victory against Ecuador, with Messi’s goal … Suarez scores in Uruguay’s victory over Chile … and Brazil begins the campaign tonight against Bolivia, and doubts about Neymar

The first round of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup kicked off after a 7-month delay due to the Corona virus that has spread in the world since last March, and the dawn matches saw Paraguay and Peru tied 2-2 and Uruguay beat Chile 2-1 in a match in which Luis Suarez scored The first goal for his team, and the Argentine team beat Ecuador with the goal of Messi signing in the meeting that brought the two teams together in the early hours of Friday morning, at the “La Pomponera” stadium, in the first rounds of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers on the South American continent. The start of the match from a penalty awarded by the referee after blocking Ocampos, an Ecuadorian defender.

Messi reached the 71st goal with the Tango national team in 139 matches for the Argentine national team in all competitions, and Messi also became the first player in the history of the Argentina national team to participate in 5 different editions of the World Cup qualifiers..

And the Argentine Barghout became the most goal-scoring player from penalty kicks in the history of the South American World Cup qualifiers, with 6 goals, surpassing the duo of Philippe Caicedo and Chilean Evan Zamorano, with 5 goals..

The star Paulo Dybala, the striker of the Italian Juventus team, was excluded from the list of the tango team for the Ecuador match minutes before its start, due to his suffering from a disease in the digestive system, and Giovanni Simeone will replace him..

The South American qualifiers, which qualify for the 2022 World Cup, were postponed for a full 7 months, due to the crisis that the world is suffering from, through the outbreak of the new Corona virus..

Messi said, after the end of the match, “We knew that it would be complicated, but the important thing is to win the match, and we must work to continue developing.”“.

And Argentine Barghout added, “It was important to start winning, because we know how difficult the qualifiers are. The matches are always difficult. We expected this level and we did not play for a long time, and anxiety makes it difficult.”“.

Messi concluded his speech by saying, “It was a complicated year because of what we are going through, to be able to play with the national team again and to give people the joy of victory, after the match, it is something that relieves the pressure a little, and I send a lot of strength to all Argentines.”

After midnight, two matches will be held at the end of the first round between Colombia and Venezuela at 1:30, then Brazil and Bolivia at 2:30 in the morning, and there are doubts about Neymar’s participation with the Brazil national team due to his suffering from back pain.

Summary of the match Uruguay and Chile 2-1

Summary of the match between Peru and Paraguay 2-2

A summary of Messi’s touches against Ecuador


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