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The Star of Lotrand and Zubejda Seidlov alive Havel: These films are 25 years old ?!


Although 25 years have passed since the great fairy tales Lotrando and Zubejda, Bra Seidlov (39) has not lost any of her charm. Everyone who arrived at the premiere of the film Havel could see for themselves. In it, she included the mistress of Václav Havel (75), and met her in person during the filming of Odchzen.

Mm ndhern memories of him. Read that you come across an idea that we all know in general. So the stunt, politics, gnia that inspires the whole nation, ekla nm Good Seidlov on snmku bonuses Havel v kin Lucerna.

In the finale, meet a hunter who shows the highest human qualities, and you will find that humanity is in it much more than anything else, and you realize that the gnome can be me, added the actress, who in the past shone not only in the fairy tale Lotrando to Zubejda, but also in the film Bolero and in her Odchzen. Know her and the savage serilu Street.

It was a meeting of real humility, humanity and empathy, evaluated the time spent on the floor with Vclav Havel Seidlov, who is at the premiere Havel Klry Holan’s face surrounded by Eiri.

The photogenic ern model in the style of a Japanese kimono was complemented by a Hoic handbag and perks from the Klry pkov design. The color of the leather boots, which replaced the heels, is not particularly special for the actress.

Here, too, female vanity, when everyone thinks she was not one of the crowd. But I fight with all my female strength,Seidlov promised when she drank for Václav Havel’s mistresses and her role in the film of the same name.



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