The star of Family Handcuffs Klára Jandová in an unexpected situation: Would you know her?

A mild sting of a wasp dramatized a quiet lunch in the garden of a Prague restaurant.

She was looking for help
At least Klára, who until then, according to witnesses, had been having fun with an older man. But during lunch, her overgrown companion caught a sting in his hand. “It wasn’t a big deal, but she probably got scared because she started running inside and out of the restaurant. She was looking for help, “the witness shook his head.

Kristýna Leichtová: I can’t cook a fiery chicken:

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Rough guard
Finally, she brought a red onion from the kitchen, which is best for a swollen hand after a pinch, and put it nursingly to the man in the morning. In addition to reducing swelling, onions also soothe itching. Anyway, the unknown man who kept Jand company company for lunch seemed to take the blow.

“Retired” princess
Jandova has already visibly grown into the role of tender princesses. Now she is mainly a full-time mother, she has a daughter with Denis Černý. She probably just jumped out of the house to a restaurant in Holešovice, Prague – she belted a simple dress with her kidney, there was no sign of her make-up. “I almost didn’t know her,” added a witness about the actress who last appeared two years ago in the TV series Prima Fiery Chicken, but she just blinked there.

David Gránský: Why did I end up in Fire Chicken? I’ll tell you!

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