The staff party turns into a Covid-19 outbreak: the medical ward closed

A party in the ward organized by doctors and nurses, it turned into an outbreak that led to the transfer of all patients to other hospitals and the closure of an entire ward.

The health professionals of the Morelli hospital in Sondalo, who tested positive at Covid-19 ten days after a party between colleagues held in the workplace, are being accused.
This event led to an outbreak of the nCoV-2019 coronavirus.

The health management, after discovering the situation, ordered the immediate closure of the Medicine department, where the infected health personnel work. It also ordered the transfer of patients admitted to other hospitals in Valtellina, necessarily having to suspend the acceptance of any new hospitalization in the ward.

The leaders of Asst Valtellina and Alto Lario investigate the matter. The issuing authorities immediately intervened to apply anti-Covid protocols, such as sanitation of environments and tracking.

“What happened – said Giuseppina Ardemagni, health director – must serve as a warning about the behavior that each of us must follow. We need the utmost attention because everyone, no one excluded in their work environments, can be infected, even health professionals “.

Dr. Simone Gussoni

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