The staff of the Barandonne raised against the Ségur of health

The movement hardens with three days of renewable strike.

7:30 a.m., Wednesday. About thirty agents of the IME Sessad (Medico-educational institute, Specialized education and home care service) gathered to organize a picket line in front of the gates, renewable from April 7 to 8. Salem Bouzherir, South Social Health union representative and specialist educator explains: “We are angry because the decisions of the Ségur de la santé exclude all the personnel of the medico-social. Sud Santé Social supports this movement with the collective of the social workers.”

Steps have been taken with the ARS (Regional Health Agency), which so far have remained unanswered. Stéphane Vervacke, specialist educator and member of the collective, develops: “The collective was created at the time of the demonstrations against the pension reform. On February 14, 2020, meeting with the MDPH of Gard, no answers. On December 3, we responded to the rally at the ARS where we were received by Mr. Rolls. We filed our demands. He never answered. He just sympathized. On January 21, meeting at the prefecture with a meeting with a representative of the prefect, Mr. Coraux, no answers. “

“The job is done”

The petition has collected more than 400 signatures from various establishments in the Gard. Today, the two entities have decided to harden the movement with three days of renewable strikes. In the Gard, five to six establishments should be on the picket line with a demonstration Thursday, and a surprise action.

The agents did not receive the € 183 monthly increase from the Michel Laforcade report. Franck Walther, deputy secretary of South Social Health Gard-Lozère, continues: “We are a very feminized profession, which is also why our salaries are so low. Their upgrading is linked to a concern for gender equality. By upgrading salaries, improving the working conditions of people who accompany the public, we improve the reception conditions. “

The director of the EMI, Pascal Chaume, supports the wage demand: “ Staff demand that they be taken into account in their work. Following the Ségur de la santé where all people, staff outside private hospital services and retirement homes did not benefit from a work premium to support disabled people by protecting them from Covid. Here, for example, the establishment accommodates 70 children who work with 45 employees. There was no Covid, there was no cluster, so we can see that the job is done. I support employees in their demands (salaries, Editor’s note) which are, in my opinion, totally unfair at the national level. “

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