Home Technology The spectacular photograph of the Moon like never before

The spectacular photograph of the Moon like never before

The Moon has always possessed a special magnestism, often becoming a “muse” of writers, film directors or photographers. Among the latter, astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy has managed to “approach” in a spectacular way. From 100,000 detailed images taken previously, he has composed a photograph in which you can see the dunes, craters, volcanoes, cracks and lava flows of our natural satellite. A gift from Reyes.

By abc.es

He says through his Instagram account, the combination of thousands of photos allowed him to focus on the image and overcome our “turbulent atmosphere” and reveal the true lunar skin. In addition, McCarthy states: “The colors you see are real, caused by variations in the composition of the regolith,” referring to the fine layer of dust that is on top of the lunar rocks – the same that allows the footsteps to still be visible. of the astronauts.

When comparing with the images taken during the first human trip to the Moon, it is clear that the teams have won in resolution and detail. Never before has the largest and brightest object in our night sky been so clear.


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