The Specialist team has become a father! Other celebrities are also experiencing a baby boom

At the time of the lockdown, celebrities apparently decided to improve the birth rate in the Czech Republic. In a few years, it will probably be full in kindergartens and schools.

Although it is still April, a large number of VIP babies have already been born in the Czech Republic. On Thursday, Jakub Štáfek (30) from the detective series Specialists bragged about the birth of his daughter, and he named her fiancée Dominika Olívie. Moderator Zorka Hejdová also became a mother. The son was named Nikolas.

Štáfek boasted of his firstborn daughter on the instgram:

Model Veronika Kašáková (31) has already given birth to her son Matyáš, the boy Sebastian was born by the singer Veronika Stýblová (26), little Alfons was born to the singer Klára Vytisková (35) and another boy was also born by the star of the series Eliška Hanušová (26).

On the contrary, the girl was born to the singer Kateřina Mátlová (41). Her name is Caroline. TV Nova tree frog Kateřina Říhová is also happy with her daughter. Her little girl was named Sofia.

But the gentlemen are not delaying either. Singer David Kraus (41) became the proud father of his daughter Ester. A son named Sky Blue was born to hockey player Jakub Kindle (34). The actor from the series Surgery in the Rose Garden Zdeněk Godla (45) is again rejoicing from his grandson Zdeněk this year.

And the baby boom will continue soon. Ornella Koktová (28) should give birth to her third child and first girl in the spring, actress Nikol Štíbrová (34) should give birth to the baby boy by the summer, and only a week later her friend singer Martina Pártlová (41) is due, who is expecting a baby girl .

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This year, the star of the street Patricia Pagáčová (32), model and former friend of Jaromír Jágr Veronika Kopřivová (30), tennis player Barbora Strýcová (35) or presenter of Televizní noviny Iveta Vítová (37) will also have babies.

However, due to the fact that it is only April and the lockdown still lasts, we probably still have a lot of photos from ultrasounds. The VIP baby boom probably doesn’t end there.

More and more women are postponing pregnancies until they are forty. You can see what the risks are in the report:


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