The Spanish defense industry, in danger of extinction

The defense industry is one of the great technological engines, of employment and wealth, but above all it is an enormously important strategic sector for a country. Control over it is essential to avoid depending on third parties in something as important as defense, but in Spain that control is beginning to disappear. Navantia (shipyard) e Indra (sistemista) are currently the only two pillars with clearly Spanish capital in a world, that of defense, where not only a true industrial leader is missing that pulls the cart and caches the sector, but where, above all, companies are gradually moving to foreign hands.

In the last five years, at least five large representatives of the sector have passed into foreign hands. Expal is one of them. the former Explosivos Alaveses SA is part of Maxam, former Unión Española de Explosivos (UEE), which is no longer so Spanish, since currently more than 70% of its shareholding is in the hands of Rhone Capital through Prill Holdins (Luxembourg). Medium and large caliber ammunition, such as the one used by the Siac howitzer of the Spanish Army, or technologies such as the Eimos death carrier vehicle, a candidate to enter the programs of the Marine or Land Infantry, are no longer in Spanish hands.


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