The Spanish Association Against Cancer of Ceuta presents the Strategic Plan for volunteering | Ceuta Television | Ceuta News

Among the events and programs planned by the new Provincial Board of the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Ceuta, this Wednesday, June 23, in the afternoon, it presented the Strategic Plan for the next four years to volunteering.

In it, the short and long-term objectives of the AECC were discussed, including the importance of early cancer diagnosis, prevention campaigns associated with the new IN MARCHA program, which mainly affect the delay and / or avoidance of tobacco and alcohol consumption, as well as obesity prevention, mostly focused on the youth population.

It was communicated as an objective for the next few years, the proposal to the corresponding organizations on the resumption of the different existing screenings; breast, colon and cervix, adding lung cancer screening in the future.

It should be noted that it was a day of coexistence between the professional staff, the members of the board and the Volunteering team of the aecc, a very important figure in the association, since thanks to their disinterested and altruistic collaboration, the different programs and activities that take place in our city; among them the accompaniment in the trips to the peninsula, the action in the homes, the presence in residences, in the day hospital and the telephone accompaniment service.

The AEC thanks all the volunteer staff of the association, the great work so important that they carry out and the public recognition of the work carried out



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