The Soviet hockey player was the world champion, but ruined his career in the NHL, started drinking and ended up behind bars: Hockey: Sport:

The USSR team won the 1990 World Cup, and a year later it ceased to exist together with the country. But the whole world remembers the last heroes of the same “red car”: Vyacheslav Fetisov, Pavel Bure, Vyacheslav Bykov, Sergey Makarov … The Soviet hockey player Mikhail Tatarinov from Dynamo also became the best defender of that tournament. But about him, unlike his stellar partners, almost not heard. It is not surprising, because the history of the hockey player Tatarinov is very sad, and the triumph of 1990 is one of the few bright events in his life. Due to an injury, he did not attend the Olympics, then tried to realize himself in the National Hockey League (NHL), but addiction to alcohol and a hot-tempered character eventually led Tatarinov to the dock. remembered the history of the ups and downs of a forgotten champion.

“Now I have a completely different head. My dream is to do my favorite thing – hockey. And I definitely won’t return to that life. I understand that this is a one-way ticket, ”Tatarinov reasoned in an interview with Sport Express in 2014. By that time, he had already become a serious family man and was engaged in the development of hockey in his native Irkutsk. “That life”, to which he is so afraid to return, is the collapse of his sports career, binges lasting for months, gambling, and a sentence for murder.

In general, Tatarinov was one of the most talented defenders of the generation. In addition, he possessed a throw of incredible power. He explained that the secret was in hard training, however, it seems that nature could not do without it. The power of Tatarinov crippled the goalkeepers: in his youth, speaking for the Kiev Sokol, he even sent the goalkeeper to the knockout. “I clicked on the roll from the blue line, as if in a helmet. So his mask fell out. Collapsed – thought, died! ” – recalled the former hockey player.

The USSR team immediately noticed such a hero. In 1984, the 17-year-old Tatarinov went to the World Youth Championship, where he helped the Soviet team take gold. Two years later, success was repeated, and yet – to receive the title of best defender of the tournament. In 1986, the player moved from Sokol to Dynamo Moscow and began to constantly be called up to the first team.

Then, preparations for the 1988 Olympics in Calgary were in full swing. Tatarinov had already staked out his place in the team, but a fatal clash with Zinetula Bilyaletdinov in training shortly before departure left everything upside down. “I don’t know whether on purpose or not. I did not assume that everything is so bad. The jaw was swollen, but I sinned on a bad tooth. The doctor immediately suspected something was wrong, took him to the hospital, ”said the former athlete. A double jaw fracture – with such an injury, I had to forget about the Games. Tatarinov’s team was replaced by CSKA Igor Kravchuk.

The case completely unsettled the defender. The Olympic medal was too coveted (Viktor Tikhonov’s team then took the gold from the tournament), and too suddenly he lost the opportunity to compete for it. Tatarinov could not accept what happened for a long time, but he found salvation in alcohol. The situation was difficult. “When I didn’t get to Calgary, I started buragoz. Igor Tuzik (former hockey player and coach of Dynamo – approx. “”) I was looking for a week in Khimki with a police outfit. When I found it, I put it in the KGB hospital. There the same doctor “sewed up” me as Vysotsky, ”he explained. Tatarinov’s mother — and she was urgently summoned from Angarsk to Moscow — received a receipt that in the event of his death no one would be held liable.

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But the first time managed to get out. Tuzik finally took patronage over Tatarinov, identifying him also for treatment with the legendary psychiatrist and narcologist Alexander Dovzhenko. After that, the hockey player, by his own admission, did not touch the glass for five years. It turned out to return the game form quickly, and they called me back to the national team. So the hockey player began to prepare for the 1990 World Cup in Switzerland.

At a victory for the USSR national team, it turned out that Tatarinov not only did not lose his skills, but also added to his skill. He scored 11 points (3 plus 8) in ten matches, was recognized – for the first time at an adult level – the best defender of the World Cup and joined the team of stars. In the same year, the player first became the champion of the country with Dynamo. It seemed that the worst was over. Before Tatarinov loomed the opportunity to go to the NHL.

Tatarinov’s success from across the ocean has been closely watched since 1984, but after such a successful season, he was finally invited. The hockey player tried on a Washington Capitals sweater in October 1990, and played the first match on the 23rd of the same month. “Philadelphia Flyers” was defeated with a score of 6: 2, however, the newcomer failed to distinguish himself. In total, in the debut season of the regular season, Tatarinov went on the ice in 65 meetings and scored eight goals.

The defender was also expected in the playoffs, but right before his start he was injured. As in 1988, this was a strong blow. The upset Tatarinov spent the last days of training the team on the beach in Baltimore, instead of supporting his comrades in the stands, as was customary. He did not come to the first match of the series. The hockey player did not even realize that such behavior in the club would be reacted extremely negatively. “I, the fool, did not understand that the playoffs are tsimes. You need to be next to the team. If you are injured, come to the locker room, it’s more painful, ”Tatarinov said. Then he did ask permission to fly home. They let go, but trust was completely gone. So in the offseason, Washington decided to exchange a player.

The next Tatarinov team was “Quebec Nordics” – not the most status team that did not qualify for the playoffs. The hockey player liked it there, he legally became one of the leaders. But having felt this, the defender began to conflict with the leadership about the salary. When the time came to re-sign the contract, he began to dictate terms and conditions, and it was not possible to come to an agreement. Therefore, Quebec had to be left, and on July 30, 1993, Tatarinov signed a contract with the Boston Bruins.

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“Boston took me under the famous Ray Burke, for the most part. Great contract, bonuses. I seemed to be in chocolate. I caught God for a beard, ”the former hockey player recalled. With Burke, who won the Norris Trophy that season, the award for the best defender of the league, Tatarinov came out on the ice only twice, and then injured his back. Recovery took almost two months. Then, as he told the hockey player, they began to “cling” to the leadership. An avid smoker who urgently needs to lose weight – under the pretext of not being ready to play, Tatarinov was sent to the Providence Bruins farm club in the American Hockey League (AHL). This can be said to be the end of his career.

“In Providence, I freaked out. In the AHL, a bus ride for six hours. After the match, the youth gained 3-4 cans of beer on the road. And I – the packaging. I don’t see the banks. And broke. I washed it down, ”Tatarinov said. Soon he began not to come to training for weeks and did not even appear to pick up salary checks. The patience with the Bruins ended quickly – the hockey player was offered to disperse in a good way. “The agent says:” You will be paid more than 50 percent of the contract. ” And I told him: “Fine. Tear up.” By that time, I had earned a million dollars. Then it’s like ten now. I didn’t doubt it would be enough for life, ”the former athlete noted. But the money went quickly.

In November 1993, Tatarinov returned to Moscow. He was immediately offered a contract at Dynamo, and there were also clubs from Germany and Sweden in touch. They were not embarrassed by the lifestyle of a recent star. However, he himself was not interested in hockey.

There were connections with crime and a passion for cards, depriving all earned money. Tatarinov’s life broke, and one of the February evenings of 2001 finally broke it.

“The situation was either me or me,” the former hockey player described this terrible moment. He again lost to the cards – “thieves” who had repeatedly sat in the hearse driver in Khimki. I went for the money, brought the full amount, but was late for two minutes. A recent rival rushed at Tatarinov with a kitchen knife. He grabbed the blade and stuck it in the stomach. He says he was sober, and immediately went to give up. “I arrived at the police:” I stabbed a man. ” They called: “Did you do this?” – “Yes”. Four hours later, he died in the hospital, ”Tatarinov confirmed.

Next – arrest, trial, dispatch on stage. And also threats from criminal authorities who promised to “sentence” the former hockey player, that is, to kill on the way to the zone.

The prosecutor requested 14 years of strict regime, but the lawyer ensured that the 105th article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Murder”) was reclassified as 107th – “Murder in a state of passion”. Tatarinov ended up spending 11 months in prison (two more years were given to him conditionally), for which, of course, he managed to see a lot.

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“In our cell of 12, nine were in prison for the murder. A strict regime – and people are serious. My grandfather was about 70 years old – a cannibal. He lived with a guest worker, glancing at his master’s wife. He chopped it, cooked it and ate it. I forgot to throw the bag with my head. And in conversation, he is absolutely sane, reasonable person, ”- Tatarinov had enough of such stories.

He was not too respected in the zone, because he tried to protect the weak. And what in front of them was a former Enkhaelist, the cellmates even accidentally found out – Mikhail did not advertise this. It is good that the threats that he received from criminal authorities have not been realized. In the zone, Tatarinov explained to the beholder (criminal authority, as a rule, a thief in law who controls the informal aspects of life in a prison or a colony, approx. “”) “I told the truth. After the conversation, the question was closed. Immediately a smoke appeared, tea, ”so there was nothing to fear. Vitaly Davydov, a three-time Olympic hockey champion, also helped. He had connections. Where – Tatarinov did not explain. Thanks to Davydov, for example, the cameras were repaired.

The liver, already weak, during the time of imprisonment suffered even more. The former athlete did not give up drinking behind bars: “They blew Braga. They chase her there with bread in liters, ”he recalled. After the release of her husband, Tatarinova spent years to restore his health. But all in vain – as a result, the family could not be saved. The former hockey player started drinking again, lost his apartment on the cards and ended up on the street.

This time, Tatarinov’s help came to the site’s former comrades: Vyacheslav Fetisov, Valery Kamensky, Vyacheslav Bykov, Anatoly Fedotov and Andrei Yakovenko. Someone helped with money, and the last two found a clinic and controlled the treatment. “They cleaned everything. Fortunately, there was no cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is the end. Another life has begun! ” – Tatarinov rejoiced.

After discharge, hockey friends helped with work. First – an amateur coach, and then in the leadership of the regional hockey

Then the former defender got married again. The current wife, Lyuba, as Tatarinov says, accomplished the impossible and forced him to return to normal life. For over ten years now, he is doing well. A former hockey player calls his wife only a guardian angel. And six years ago, their son Alexander was born.

Now Tatarinov is the chairman of the Ice Hockey Federation of the Irkutsk region. His pride is the Ermak Angarsk club, which plays in the Higher Hockey League. In 2013, he was offered the post of president of Ermak, and the club, not without his participation, almost went under the wing of Moscow CSKA. At the last moment, however, the deal fell through, but not through the fault of Tatarinov. Angarsk officials themselves outplayed everything, concluding an agreement with the Omsk “Vanguard”, and refused the help of the famous countryman.

But Tatarinov is now not so easy to unsettle. “You know, when people truly support you, believe in you, sooner or later conscience will say: how will you let them down again?” – he admits

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