The South Sumatra Police Receives a Grant from Akidi Tio’s Family for Less than IDR 2 Trillion

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The South Sumatra Regional Police stated the money to be donated by the deceased’s family Akidi Tio less than IDR 2 trillion. This was revealed when the police were about to withdraw the bilyet giro (proof of giving money) received at the main office of Bank Mandiri in South Sumatra.

Head of Public Relations of the South Sumatra Police Kombes Supriadi said the police had received a Bank Mandiri bilyet giro from Heryanty Tio, daughter of the late Akidi Tio, which read a nominal value of Rp. 2 trillion.

He said that the bilyet giro was received by opening a Bank Mandiri account in the name of the Head of Finance (Kabidkeu) of the South Sumatra Police. “The bilyet giro account was given by Heryanty and distributed to the South Sumatra Regional Police on behalf of the Head of Finance in the bilyet giro,” said Supriadi, Tuesday, August 3, 2021.

However, when the officer was about to disburse grant fund On Tuesday morning, it was found that the money in the bilyet giro was less than Rp. 2 trillion. “The bilyet giro given by Heryant is not enough according to the South Sumatran parent Bank Mandiri,” Supriadi said without specifying the nominal amount received.

In order to explore the investigation, he continued, the police will send a letter to the bank’s authority. This is because the bank cannot disclose the account owner’s information because it is protected by the Banking Law.

“We have not been able to confirm whose account is included in the bilyet giro. Because banks are very careful about the confidentiality of their customers,” said Supriadi.

The Director of General Criminal Investigation at the South Sumatra Police, Kombes Hisar Siallagan, added that investigators still had to strengthen evidence by coordinating with criminal experts, including banking authorities. This is because, according to him, by referring to the Banking Law, it is not possible to provide information regarding the identity and total contents of the account balance in question. “To carry out further inspections, wait for a reply to a letter from Bank Indonesia,” he said.

Investigators named Heryanty Tio and her husband Rudi Sutadi, their son, and their family’s personal doctor as witnesses in the case. “They are designated as witnesses who are under surveillance by the police,” said Hisar.

Previously, the police planned to examine Akidi Tio’s daughter, Heryanty, Tio as a witness on Tuesday morning. However, some time before the press release was held, Heryanty was sick. He is said to be experiencing shortness of breath and is being treated at his home in the Ilir Timur 1 District, Palembang City.

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