The south of Brazil and the east of the Russian Federation were covered with snow

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Snowfall in Brazil

Snow fell in at least 13 cities in the southernmost state of Brazil, and hail fell in some areas.

In Brazil, a wave of cold air brought snowfalls to parts of the country’s southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul. This is reported by the portal G1.

It is reported that snow fell in at least 13 cities in the state, and hail fell in some areas.

Snow has been reported in cities such as Pelotas, San Francisco de Paula, Gramado, Carlos Barbosa, Baghe, Erval, Piratini, Caxias do Sul, Marau and Farroupilla.

In San Francisco de Paula, in Serres, residents took to the streets to play with the snow that fell in the early evening.

Brazilian authorities are preparing for a cold wave, which is predicted to be the lowest since 1995.

Also, July snow fell in the Russian Federation in the Magadan region and Chukotka. Local media reportthat in some areas frosts of up to -4 degrees are expected.

Earlier it was reported that in several provinces of Turkey on the Black Sea coast June snow fell.

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