The son of Suning Zhang Jindong failed to repay the debt, and was pursued by CCB worldwide; the owner of the car is fully responsible!Tesla’s autopilot assistance did not recognize the road pier crash; Avita CEO accompanied Yu Chengdong to visit the new car丨Leifeng Morning Post |

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Suning’s Zhang Kangyang, who was being pursued by China Construction Bank, once claimed that he did not know about the $255 million loan

Recently, according to media reports, the Italian financial media Calcio e Finanza continued to track the dynamics of Suning’s son Zhang Kangyang’s debt collection. The media stated that Zhang Kangyang’s own country’s bank, the China Construction Bank, was collecting the debt. Calcio e Finanza previously reported that Zhang Kangyang failed to repay more than US$300 million in arrears to China Construction Bank, which led to CCB suing Zhang Kangyang in Italy, the United States, and Hong Kong, China. According to the media report, the cause of the incident was that a company held by Zhang Kangyang borrowed from China Construction Bank in 2020 to refinance the debt in 2019. The company bought a 65% stake in a company that operates thousands of convenience stores in China for $108.9 million at the time, and the acquisition was refinanced in 2020 with a total loan amount of $165 million plus up to $85 million. The repayment time of the US dollar debt is scheduled to be before September 10, 2021. CCB said Zhang Kangyang personally guaranteed the loan but refused to repay the debt.

Therefore, in November 2021, China Construction Bank filed a lawsuit against Zhang Kangyang in the Hong Kong court. However, in his defense in court, Zhang Kangyang stated that he had no knowledge of the financing agreement and that an employee might sign the agreement on his behalf. A handwriting expert’s appraisal report. This surprised CCB, but the judgment court pointed out that the company involved in the loan was solely responsible for Zhang Kangyang, and this kind of thing should not have happened. More importantly, he also provided a personal guarantee, which made him say “no knowledge”. The problem is difficult to establish.

Domestic information

The owner of the largest auto dealer in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province ran away, and all 19 of his 4S stores were closed

Recently, according to a number of media reports, Zhejiang Zhongtong Holding Group, the largest automobile distribution group in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, has run away. Many of its dealership stores have been closed down. In the next few days, relevant news continued to ferment on major social platforms, relevant employees and car owners joined the discussion army one after another, and related videos and photos also spread rapidly. There are also employees hanging rights protection slogans on the gate of the 4S store: to the effect that “the company will close down on December 29, 2022 due to poor management, resulting in arrears of wages for more than 20 employees in the store, totaling more than 200,000.” Car” and other methods are used to pay employees’ wages. It is reported that Zhongtong Holdings is the largest luxury car dealer in Taizhou, Zhejiang, and its brands include Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, Nissan, Hongqi, Ford, Buick, and Aiways.

Avita CEO accompanied Yu Chengdong to visit the new car: meaningful

According to the “HiEV Garlic Car Research Institute” report, Huawei’s smart car solution BU is ushering in a number of personnel adjustments. Huawei’s car BU COO and smart driving solution product line president Wang Jun have been suspended, and Yu Chengdong will be in charge of smart cars business. Yesterday, a “meaningful” photo appeared on the Internet. In the photo, Avita CEO Tan Benhong, Huawei Rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun, and Huawei Car BU CEO Yu Chengdong watched a certain Avita product together. It should be Avita’s brand new sedan.

Toyota Highlander was collectively complained by car owners: the car machine is closed and the user is cut off as a leek

According to the complaint data of the car quality network, recently, the 2022 dual-engine 2.5L Toyota Highlander has received collective complaints from a large number of car owners.

According to the owner of the complaint, the Shuangqing Highlander has been on the market since 2021. The car system has not been updated once, the OTA function is useless, and other car software cannot be downloaded and installed; after the car is disconnected from Bluetooth, there are often failures without sound! Strongly request GAC Toyota to optimize and upgrade the car-machine system, and open the permission to download and install car-machine software. At present, in response to the collective complaints of car owners, GAC Toyota has not given the latest solution or response, follow-up attention.

The owner is solely responsible!Tesla’s automatic driving assistance did not recognize the isolation pier and directly hit it

Recently, according to CNMO’s understanding, when a Tesla Model Y owner in Nanping, Fujian Province was driving to the Jianyang Interchange ramp of Beijing-Taiwan Expressway, the vehicle rushed straight to the isolation pier set up due to construction. It is reported that the accident caused multiple isolation piers to be hit, and the front of the vehicle involved was also severely damaged. After investigation by the local traffic police, it was found that the owner of the Tesla Model Y had activated the automatic driving assistance system at the time of the incident. He said that usually the vehicle would have a warning when it encountered an obstacle, but this time there was no warning. I thought the vehicle would avoid obstacles by itself, but it was too late to react. It is reported that the owner will bear full responsibility for the accident. (Mobile China)

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Secoo Announces the Combination of ChatGPT and Luxury Business

According to news on February 6, the luxury e-commerce platform Secoo said on Monday that the company will explore the application of intelligent content generation (AIGC) technology to luxury-related businesses, and the consultation resolution rate exceeds 90%. In the future, we will conduct in-depth research and expansion on the use of ChatGPT related technologies.

Secoo said that it believes that the application of Intelligent Content Generation (AIGC) will trigger a revolution in the field of digital content and become the content production infrastructure for luxury e-commerce. Affected by this, the pre-market stock price of Secoo U.S. stocks soared. As of press time, the stock price rose by more than 125% to $3.83. Prior to this, in early January, Secoo was listed as a “Lao Lai” by the Beijing Changping Court, with an outstanding amount of over 4.53 million.

Huang Guangyu lost the seat of Gome Retail Holdings?Company response: shareholding ratio is expected to increase

Recently, Zhongguancun, an A-share listed company of Gome, announced that Gome Retail no longer has a controlling shareholder, and the news that Huang Guangyu no longer constitutes an indirect control relationship with Gome Electric continues to attract attention. In this regard, Gome told the Securities Times·e company reporter that the major shareholder Huang Guangyu currently holds less than 30% of Gome Retail’s shares, so the listed company has no controlling shareholder. Major shareholders are full of confidence in the future development of Gome, and are filling cash flow through measures such as interest-free and mortgage-free loans. The plan for the special general meeting of shareholders has been announced. Once the debt capitalization proposal is passed, the shareholding ratio of major shareholders will increase and return to between 20% and 30%. (Securities Coupons)

The national average recruitment salary in the fourth quarter of 2022 is 10,558 yuan

According to Maisui Finance and Economics, according to the “Chinese Enterprise Recruitment Salary Report” in the fourth quarter of 2022, the overall recruitment salary of Chinese companies will rise in fluctuations in 2022. The national average recruitment salary in the fourth quarter is 10,558 yuan. Beijing tops the list with a monthly recruitment salary of 13,930 yuan, followed by Shanghai (13,832 yuan), and Shenzhen (13,086 yuan), Hangzhou (11,963 yuan) and Guangzhou (11,710 yuan) still maintain the top five salary levels.

Toutiao to sue Tencent for infringement case

According to news on February 6, recently, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. added a new court announcement. The plaintiff is Toutiao Co., Ltd., and the cause of the case is a dispute over infringement of the right to disseminate information on the network. The case will be heard on March 14, and the trial court will be the Beijing Internet Court. There have also been disputes over copyright issues before.

Lin Zhiying first talked about Tesla after the car accident: said he was still driving Tesla without any shadow

According to the latest reports, Jimmy Lin has basically recovered after the Tesla Model X accident, and even started to drive out. However, he was fined for illegal parking while driving out a few days ago, because Jimmy Lin parked his vehicle in the parking space of a truck, and was fined NT$600 to NT$1,200 (approximately RMB 136 to RMB 272).

It is worth noting that some netizens noticed the details of the vehicle and found that Lin Zhiying seemed to no longer drive a Tesla. The vehicle that was fined this time was a BMW i3. In this regard, some media also asked him whether he had any new views on Tesla. Lin Zhiying responded generously, saying that he is still driving a black Tesla without any shadows. If there were shadows, he would have sold them. (Station Master’s Home)

Ge You v. Bilibili network infringement case is about to open

According to news on February 6, the Beijing Internet Court has recently served a copy of the indictment and a court summons to Shanghai Magic Information Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Station B. The related case is a dispute between Ge You and the company’s network tort liability, and the plaintiff is Ge You. The case is scheduled to be heard in court on the third day after the expiration of the defense period and the proof period.

The prototype of the Wandering Earth MOSS, the “Made in China” quantum computer will be open to the public for free for the first time

On February 6th, according to the official source of Quantum, four “Made in China” quantum computers will be opened to Chinese citizens for free for the first time on February 12th. According to Quanyuan, the 550 series “Made in China” quantum computer that runs through the entire film of “The Wandering Earth 2” is “supernaturally powerful”. Relying on powerful computing power, it can dispatch global computing resources to meet the coordinated operation of tens of thousands of engines. The MOSS in the film is not science fiction. In Hefei, the city of quantum technology innovation in China, Origin Quantum, China’s first quantum computing company, has its prototype. (IT House)

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Lei Jun: Mi 13 series and Mi 10 Gigabit routers will soon be upgraded to a new generation of Wi-Fi 7

On February 6, Lei Jun revealed on his personal WeChat public account that the Mi 13 series and Mi 10 Gigabit routers will soon be upgraded to a new generation of Wi-Fi 7. Mi 13 can achieve dual-band concurrency of 2.4GHz + 5GHz, reaching a transmission speed of 3.6Gbps. The Mi 13 Pro can achieve ultra-high-speed dual-band concurrency of 5GHz + 5GHz, and when combined with a Mi 10 Gigabit router, it can reach a transmission speed of up to 4.3Gbps.

International information

Dell will cut about 6,650 jobs, about 5% of its global workforce

On February 6th, in the face of sluggish demand for PCs worldwide, Dell announced that it will lay off about 6,650 people, becoming the latest technology company to lay off thousands of people. Dell’s co-chief operating officer (COO) Jeff Clark said in an internal memo that the layoffs were due to deteriorating market conditions and uncertain future prospects. According to a Dell spokesman, the layoffs accounted for about 5% of Dell’s global workforce. After the layoffs are completed, the total number of Dell employees will hit a new low in 6 years. According to Trueup statistics, 175 technology companies have laid off employees since 2023, affecting 57,914 people; and in 2022, 1,525 technology companies have laid off employees, affecting more than 230,000 people.

Japan to restrict exports of semiconductor equipment to China

The Japanese government will begin restricting exports to China of equipment needed to make advanced semiconductors this spring after revising a foreign exchange law, Kyodo News reported. Prior to this, Japan and the Netherlands had reached an agreement with the United States, agreeing to restrict the export of related equipment to China, and China has expressed firm opposition to this. According to reports, the Japanese government will not specifically mention China in this move, thereby reducing the risk of Beijing’s “retaliation”. According to Reuters, this move also corroborates the previous US-Japan-Netherlands chip restriction agreement on China. Among the three parties, only the United States has acknowledged the existence of the agreement, but has not announced the specific details of which equipment will be restricted. (World Wide Web)

Sources say Samsung cuts traditional nodes to support 3nm chip production

On February 6th, according to media reports on South Korea’s naver, Samsung has reassigned some of its fab employees from traditional processes to 3nm processes (or lower). Samsung Foundry does not seem to have enough R&D manpower to maintain 3nm-based chip manufacturing, so industry observers say Samsung has reallocated manpower for 130nm and 65nm foundry processes.

However, this restructuring has not come without a cost. According to recent reports, Samsung is no longer accepting orders for chips based on 130nm and 65nm nodes from small and medium-sized fabless (specialized in semiconductor design).

FF announces $135 million financing

On February 6, Faraday Future (Faraday Future) announced the final agreement for a series of financing, as well as important amendments to the main terms of the warrant clauses in the original FF secured financing agreement. Following satisfactory execution on time, the company has raised all the necessary funds to start series production of the FF 91 Futurist. At the same time, the company announced that it will hold an extraordinary general meeting on February 28, 2023. The company announced arrangements for the execution of a definitive agreement for a $135 million convertible secured note facility, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of certain conditions. Affiliates of ATW Partners and investment institutions including Acuitas Capital participated in the transaction. (Interface News)

Comparing with ChatGPT, Google announced the launch of chatbot Bard

On February 7th, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, issued a document stating that the company will launch Bard, a conversational artificial intelligence service powered by Google’s large-scale language model LaMDA. Google opened it up to trusted testers today and made it more widely available to the public in the coming weeks. (Sanyan Finance)

Blizzard fined $35 million by US government for sexual harassment

Video game developer Activision Blizzard agreed to pay a $35 million fine to resolve allegations that the company failed to maintain a disclosure process related to workplace misconduct complaints and violated whistleblower protection rules, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced recently. . Activision Blizzard did not admit or deny the SEC’s allegations, but chose to pay the fine directly. (36 krypton)

OpenAI says ChatGPT should be regulated: ChatGPT may be used by bad guys

According to reports, Mira Muratti, chief technology officer of artificial intelligence research company OpenAI, said that ChatGPT may “fabricate facts”, which is no different from other artificial intelligence tools based on language models. Asked whether institutions such as companies like OpenAI had the responsibility to regulate the tool, Muratti said: “The most important thing for companies like OpenAI is to introduce it in a controlled and responsible way. Public awareness.” But she stresses that companies also need help from regulators, governments, and everyone. Muratti added that it is “not too early” to regulate ChatGPT. (Netease Technology)

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$180,000 offer! ChatGPT passed the Google L3 entry test

Recently, Google conducted an internal test, and the results showed that ChatGPT can complete Google’s Level 3 engineer entry test. It is reported that L3 corresponds to Google’s junior software engineer, which is suitable for new college graduates and those who are engaged in coding work for the first time, with an annual salary of about 180,000 US dollars (about 1.222 million yuan). This means that in terms of development, ChatGPT has already performed on par with most practitioners who have just entered the job.

Samsung accused of infringing QLED-related patents agrees to pay $150 million

On February 6th, the latest statement from the litigation company GLS Capital confirmed that Samsung has agreed to sign an agreement of 150 million US dollars (currently about 1.019 billion yuan) to end the lawsuit against Nanoco Technologies Ltd., which claims that Samsung’s QLED TV infringes on five of its television display patents. Gill confirmed that the settlement ends all global litigation between the two companies, including in China and Germany, and provides Samsung with a global license to use Nanoco’s technology. It is understood that this dispute can be traced back to early 2020, when Nanoco launched a federal lawsuit in Texas, claiming that Samsung had stolen quantum dot visual effects for its QLED TVs based on technology samples provided by Nanoco, and Samsung had developed its own competing technology. product technology without paying to license Nanoco’s technology. Samsung has yet to respond to this.

Tesla added nearly 29,000 workers last year, expanding more than cutting jobs

In recent days, Tesla has bucked the trend among tech companies when it comes to creating jobs in 2022. While tech giants such as Google, Meta, Microsoft and Twitter cut tens of thousands of workers last year to save money in response to the looming recession, Tesla will add nearly 29,000 new workers in 2022, an increase from the previous year. increased by 22%.

Apple may launch an iPhone with no interface design in 2024

According to the latest news from Mark Gurman, Apple is considering ways to push up the price of high-end iPhones, adding a higher-end model than Pro Max to the iPhone 16 series as soon as 2024. He also speculates that the device may feature a portless design, meaning no Lightning or USB-C charging ports.

Programmers apply for more than a dozen jobs at the same time, relying on layoff compensation to earn tens of millions a year

On the Hackernews website, a programmer anonymously broke the news about how he used telecommuting to cope with more than a dozen jobs and earned tens of millions of income. According to him, relying on telecommuting and interviews, he continuously interviewed for jobs, and finally successfully applied for more than a dozen jobs, which would have been impossible in the previous offline office era. Although his ability is good, it is impossible to handle more than a dozen jobs at the same time. As his performance declines, he will also be fired by his boss. However, American law has strict requirements for dismissing employees, and the process is cumbersome. No mistake, and there is a compensation. In the end, he relied on this method to earn 1.5 million US dollars a year, or about 10 million yuan.

EV startup Rivian is working on an electric bike

On February 6th, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe introduced their new project-electric bicycles to employees at the company’s all-hands meeting held last Friday. He mentioned that the startup already has a small group of engineers working on bike-related technology. Rivian currently has registered patents on e-bike components and designs, but details are unknown. Rivian also announced layoffs last week, which will affect 6% of its workforce, the media reported. The layoffs are the second major restructuring at Rivian in less than a year. The company said the move is to refocus on expanding production of its R1T and R1S electric vehicles, putting Rivian on a long-term profitable path. (IT House)

The United States, China, and South Korea rank among the top three in the world in the number of “Metaverse”-related patent applications

Recently, the Korea Intellectual Property Office (Korea Patent Office) reported that the annual average of “Metaverse”-related patents filed with IP5 Offices (IP5) of South Korea, the United States, Japan, China, and the European Union has averaged over the past 10 years (2011-2020). An increase of 16.1%. In the past five years (2016-2020), the number of applications filed by the above-mentioned five countries and regions was 43,698, a nearly three-fold increase from 14,983 in 2011-2015. From the perspective of the nationality of applicants, from 2011 to 2020, the United States has the most applications with 17,293 (35.9%), followed by China with 14,291 (29.7%) and South Korea with 7,808 (16.2%). (Financial Association) number: original articles, unauthorized reprinting is prohibited.see detailsReprint Notice

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