The son of Irina Tsyvina told how his sister behaved after the death of her mother

Evgeni Blagonravov said that Zina was pouring mud on him and wanted to rob. The young man is shocked by the behavior of a relative.

“She’s the main thing - to judge all this”: the son of Irina Tsyvina is ready to fight for the inheritance of her mother and sister
Irina Tsyvina with her son. Photo:

Irina Tsyvina on July 1 could celebrate her birthday. The actress would have turned 56 years old. But in 2019, under strange circumstances, the woman died. In recent years, she has been single. Rumor had it that the actress began to abuse alcohol. It was hard for her, because after the death of her third husband, Alexander Blagonravov, she had to fight for the inheritance. Now, the remaining property is shared by the son of the star Yevgeny Blagonravov and daughter Zina, who, after the actress’s divorce from George Pusepa, remained with her father in America.

As you know, Eugene is also the son of Pusepa, just the third husband Tsyvina adopted her child. With her daughter, she tried to establish a relationship and went to her. However, according to friends, she returned with tears, as she saw that the heiress did not need anything from her except money. After the death of the actress, a lot of real estate remained: three apartments in Moscow and a country house. Eugene lives in one of the apartments. He assures that he pays for the mortgage.

The legacy of Zyvina. Photo: frame from the program “Live”

Earlier, lawyers explained that Eugene and Zinaida have the right to dispose of ½ share of each object in the inheritance. The problem is that the son does not agree with this turn of affairs. He does not intend to share everything equally with his sister. In the live broadcast studio, Tsyvina’s son told how he was trying to make money to close his debts. He admitted that he could not make contact with his sister. “She told me:“ That’s it, I have inherited. ” I arrived, took all the evidence without telling me. I’m coming to a notary public, and they tell me that she arrived and took everything, ”said the young man.

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“She calls:” I have arrived. ” I open the door, Zina is standing with a suitcase. I invited her to eat. As soon as I close the door, Zina takes out the phone, begins to take a picture of everything: paintings, figurines, icons. Most of all I was struck when she began to yell with frenzied eyes: “Open the safe! I don’t know who your friends are, I will take all my jewelry with me to the Netherlands! ” In general, she calmed down, sat down and left for her friend, but I stayed to grieve. She told me that we will meet in court. I thought, since people want to sue, then we will sue, ”said Eugene.

Evgeny Blagonravov. Photo: frame from the program “Live”

It is noteworthy that the journalist who talked with Pusepa said that Zina could not stay after her mother’s funeral, as she was running out of visa. It was also said that the brother put his sister out the door of the apartment. Eugene noted that the girl just pissed him off. He specified that he makes repairs on his living space and tidies the cottage.

“My sister is indifferent to this, the main thing for her is to sue all this, rob me and leave Russia. Nothing holds them here, they are not citizens of Russia. They have not lived here for 20 years. She is trying to count my money, which is not there. Everything is swollen for repairs, in mortgages. The most annoying thing is that my sister is only pouring mud on me. She is not interested in my life, ”said the son of Tsyvina.

Zina Pusepa. Photo: frame from the program “Live”

The studio noted that Pusepa considers Eugene his son. In this case, two birth certificates were found. One of them was issued in the United States, where Zhenya was born, and the second in Russia – and it states that the child was born in Moscow. Son Tsyvina noted that he was ready to share the inheritance with his sister. “To divide the apartment and the cottage in half, and Blagonravov’s acquired will remain to me. I am ready to be friends, to communicate. But it offends me when my relatives pour mud on me, ”Eugene explained his position.

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