The son of an Italian engineer who lived and got married in Jizan tells interesting details about his father..and explains how he traveled and there was no news of him • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Abd al-Rahman Anjou, the son of the Italian engineer Anjou, who got married in Jizan and then traveled and no news of him was cut off, revealed exciting details about his father.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, Anju said that his mother told him that his father used to hunt deer, rabbits, and partridges, and he hunted with his grandfather near the village and tended livestock.

And the son narrated, quoting his mother: “During that time, my father talked to my grandfather to marry his daughter.” The latter told him that he would not marry his daughter to a non-Muslim person, so he went and brought some prestige with him.

According to Angelo Jr.: His grandfather said at the time to his father, “I have no objection to marrying you to my daughter, but on the condition that you accept Islam.” So he went to the sheikhs and judges in Riyadh, converted to Islam, and extracted a deed of Islam.

He explained that he had already married and had 3 children, the eldest died, and the two remained with his brother and settled in the region, indicating that his father opened projects and worked on the Jazan Dam project and owns a beautiful house.

He continued: After that, my father, Angelo, disappeared and did not inform my mother that he was traveling and did not return for 15 years, so my mother divorced him and got married, indicating that he and his brother settled in the kingdom and they have property.

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And he added: Then people came asking about Angelo’s papers and that he wanted his children in his homeland, Italy, and they advised her to burn all the papers, so she dug a hole and burned all the papers, and Angelo’s son followed that by saying: No one leaves his children, criticizing his father’s behavior.

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