The soldiers of the health service leaves Mayotte for Guyana –


Resuscitation patients in Mayotte no longer require the presence of the army health service. The soldiers will leave the island for Guyana where the situation is more serious.

“The results of this reinforcement have been very positive”

The soldiers of the army health service (SSA) will pack up Mayotte after almost three months of service. They will leave in Guyana to lend a hand to doctors to treat patients infected with Covid-19. According to the director of the Mayotte hospital center, Catherine Barbezieux, the SSA has given them enormous support.

The results of this reinforcement were very positive (…) with in particular a reinforcement in the laboratory, in pharmacy and in imagery thanks to the specialists arrived with the contingent“, she said.

The IN helped the resuscitation service to pass the epidemic peak, relates The Journal of Mayotte. At the height of the crisis, there had been up to 12 patients in intensive care at the CHM, against only three currently.

The epidemic behind us

Throughout the crisis, 270 patients switched to comprehensive medicine. According to infectious disease specialist Mohamadou Niang, there are only 10 medical patients left, including one under oxygen. “We’re starting to see the epidemic behind us“, commented the doctor, adding that we should not be lazy about barrier gestures.

ARS figures show a constant number of new cases in Mayotte. Catherine Barbezieux clarified that there has been no decrease. “It means the virus is still actively circulating“, confirms Dr. Niang.

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