The social enterprise Biens Communs raises € 2.2M and announces the opening of three shared housing for the elderly

It is estimated that several hundred thousand elderly people will want to live in 2030, in shared and supported housing. This is a shared apartment where people with loss of autonomy share a social life and pool home help services. Very widespread in Germany or the United States, this type of living allows many people to avoid or postpone entering nursing homes, while preserving their freedom of choice as much as possible.

New shared housing operator

Common Goods, was created by the social enterprise team at mission Alenvi. The latter has been developing a home help activity since 2016 which upgrades the working environment of salaried carers thanks to the model of autonomous teams, inspired by the Buurtzorg organization in the Netherlands. The Alenvi team also created Compani, which allows professionals to take care of training, online and offline, on the human dimension of their profession, significant in their profession but often overlooked in training.

Biens Communs aims to put people and the creation of links at the heart of their shared habitats. by developing a subsidiary approach: daily life will be co-organized by the roommates, their families and the independent teams of assistants in charge of support. People will be able to live in a setting that they will shape in their own way, which will be less standardized than that of a medico-social establishment.

Properties dedicated to people with cognitive disorders

The first three Properties will open in the Paris region (other Properties will then be developed in other regions). They will be dedicated to elderly people with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. The eight roommates of each Property will be permanently accompanied by two daytime carers and one nighttime carer:

• The Hay-les-Roses – December 2021 : house for 8 roommates
• Rueil-Malmaison – May 2022 : house for 8 roommates
• Puteaux – September 2022 : apartment in an intergenerational building developed by Kawaa

The financing raised by Biens Communs is provided by the NovESS fund, dedicated to the social and solidarity economy, managed by Mandarine Gestion with the support of INCO and initiated by the Banque des Territoires, as well as by Duc In Altum, a structure of investment by Jérôme and Alix Nouzarède, for whom ” Biens Communs carries a humanist vision centered on the creation of links, and a new way of supporting people with Alzheimer’s, more necessary than ever throughout France ».

The Biens Communs project is fully in line with the strategy of the NovESS fund, which already supports many social and solidarity property companies. We believe that synergies could even eventually be developed with social housing players.

Christophe Deconinck, manager of the NovESS fund


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