The smiles of Reza Arap and Wendy Walters after domestic troubles at the end of the horn


Reza Araba went back to being a judge at one of the talent hunt events. On that occasion, Reza Arap was seen smiling while he was with his colleagues.

Reza Araba hailed by his peers when he returned to appear as one of the judges in the talent search event.

“Reza welcome back …. @ivan_gunawan @ybrap @sumargodenny” wrote Robby Purba on his Instagram as seen by detikcom, Tuesday (9/27/2022).


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The post immediately received a statement from netizens.

“Wow, after all that crowd, huh?” reveals yerd **** account.

“He’s back again, brother,” explained the dtre *** account.


“Yes, he’s back, yes,” said another account.

On her Instagram, Wendy Walters is also seen attending one of the events. There too he was full of smiles.

“Congratulations @ on your new launch! There are 7 flavors, my favorite is Cola Ice #antiribet #yourentrylevel #cozipods” wrote Wendy Walters on her Instagram.


Wendy Walters’ post also received responses from netizens.

“Ciwen, don’t forget to eat, because pretending to be happy takes energy,” explained the Prid *** story.

“Throw away the pain because in the end we will make it with our legs”, explained the story of bdtr ****.

“ciwen spiritttt u bettersweetbynajlaa deserves,” said another account.

Previously, Reza Arap had been accused of having an affair with Wendy Welters.

Wendy Walters takes a stand on the rage that highlights her family. The question of Reza Arap’s infidelity seems to support the codes issued by Wendy Walters.

Wendy Walters he again released a statement via his tweet. He thanks her and says enough evidence.

“Hi guys! I appreciate everyone who talked to me. But it looks like I can’t see any more evidence,” Wendy Walters tweeted a while ago.

Wendy Walters he felt that the evidence he had obtained was sufficient. She thanked everyone who paid attention.

“So I think that’s enough for rehearsal, friends. Thanks for your concern!” close Wendy Walters.

Wendy Walters tweeted codes showing her family isn’t doing well. In addition to tweeting, Wendy Walters also deleted all photos of her union with Reza Arap.

Wendy Walters leaves only a photo of the wedding with Reza Arap. The photo’s caption is known to have been edited twice by Wendy Walters.

Wendy Walters initially uploaded her wedding photo with the caption of their wedding date. So replace with “F * ck around?” Now, the photo’s caption has changed again with the words ‘F * ck around? Thanks for the trauma.’

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