The situation with Russia heats up, Britain sends fighter jets into the Black Sea

LONDON, – Jet fighter English based in Cyprus flown to the territory Black Sea in the middle of tension with Russia.

The displacement of the fighter jet was reported by Sky News on Saturday (5/9/2020). The fighter jets have long been deployed in Cyprus as part of a counter-fight mission ISIS.

A military source said the British Royal Air Force (RAF) Eurofighter Typhoons were deployed on Friday (4/9/2020) following the holding of Russian military exercises in the area.

The deployment of a number of fighter jets was accompanied by the deployment of refueling tankers Voyager.

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The source said they were operating with a number of such bombers B-52 belong to United States of America ( AS) who flew from an air base in England, where they were stationed.

A British Ministry of Defense Spokesman confirmed that the RAF’s Eurofighter Typhoons have been operating in the Black Sea region.

“It demonstrates the UK’s ability to support ongoing cooperation with allies and partners in the region that deepens regional relations and security,” said a UK Ministry of Defense spokesman.

On Friday, Russia said it was flying eight fighter jets to intercept three US-owned B-52 strategic bombers flying over the Black Sea.

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A Twitter account that tracks the movements of military aircraft and warships wrote on Twitter about the jets Eurofighter Typhoon who flew from Cyprus to Ukraine.

“Eurofighter Typhoon RAF ZK301 which is usually based in RAF Akrotiri (Cyprus) has been sent to the Black Sea region and now to Ukraine,” wrote the Twitter account @air_intel.

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The Eurofighter Typhoon and Voyager have been deployed in Cyprus as part of Operation Shader, a name for Britain’s contribution to the US-led coalition against ISIS.

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The fighter jets launched attacks in Iraq and Syria, conducting surveillance and, when necessary, conducting air strikes.

But the mission has become much quieter in recent months following the collapse of ISIS in March 2019.

It is unclear whether the diversion to the Black Sea was temporary or over a long period of time.


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