The situation is not very optimistic! Margot Robbie visits her friend Cara Delevingne and leaves “crying”

Recently, Cara Delevingne’s state of mind has attracted the attention of the outside world. After being photographed as she performed a series of abnormal actions, her family immediately intervened and she began to intervene and limit her life. Today, Cara Delevingne is recovering in her Los Angeles home and her friend Margot Robbie is visiting. However, the situation does not look optimistic.

Margot Robbie crying

Excited to leave friend Cara Delevingne’s home

Not long ago, Margot Robbie was photographed walking towards Cara Delevingne’s Los Angeles home. After learning that her friend Cara Delevingne was not well recently, Margot Robbie decided to visit her and stayed for a few hours before leaving. When the foreign media wanted to capture the image of Margot Robbie walking away, she was photographed looking very depressed and very emotional.

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Unlike the cheerful image in front of the screen, Margot Robbie has a sad face, crying outside the house of her friend Cara Delevingne. Before getting into the car, Margot Robbie melted her hair and fixed her emotions before taking a ride.

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Cara Delevingne has thoughts of “suicide”

Worried family and friends

The friendship between Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne is deep. The two became good friends during the filming of the movie “Suicide Squad”. Over the years, this friendship has always been maintained.

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It is reported that, Cara Delevingne has always had the idea of ​​”suicide”. She once revealed in an interview that she may not live to be 30, saying that her life in her 20s makes her feel anxious and stressed and that she may not survive the age of 30. . And last month she just turned 30 and was soon photographed in the media for a series of out-of-control behavior that worried her family and her friends.

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At this time, Cara Delevingne’s family has actively intervened and is working hard to take care of Cara Delevingne’s life. Perhaps Cara Delevingne’s family knew that Margot Robbie had been friends with her for many years, so they hoped that Margot Robbie could come and visit Cara Delevingne, accompany her at low tide and encourage her to slowly improve and recover.

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