The situation in Prague is really serious, said Mayor Hřib

In Prague, in addition to the measures valid throughout the Czech Republic, from Monday it is also valid to have a veil at outdoor organized events. “This is necessary in order to slow down the further increase in the positives,” said Hrib.

According to him, the mentioned rule 3R must be observed. Veils, hands, spacing. According to him, there are still reserves for hand disinfection. He acknowledged that spacing was not always possible. He prompted to install the application eRouška. The city will launch a campaign where it will use familiar faces, and should promote the installation especially among young people.

In addition, the city wants to have a representative in the crisis staff. Councilor for Health Milena Jonová said that there is a large disproportion in testing, people from Central Bohemia also come to the capital to test, because while Prague’s sampling points test 6,000 people a day, Central Bohemia only tests 800, although the population is comparable. The city will open more sampling tents in the coming days. Laboratories are said to have the capacity to test, but they do not manage to take samples.

Prague is red

In the capital, hygienists have confirmed almost 216 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days.

At the so-called traffic light, Prague is also the only region that is red, which means growing community transmission, where a large part of the diseases can no longer be traced to their cause.

Most districts around the capital are orange.

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