The situation in Donbass – an armed militant surrendered to the Ukrainian military

It is noted that the 23-year-old junior sergeant served in the 6th separate motorized rifle regiment, which is based in occupied Kadievka, as a driver.

He joined the pro-Russian mercenaries back in 2016, immediately upon reaching adulthood. He was brought to the militants by his own father, who served in a neighboring unit. The guy was promised a high salary and was given a weapon.

According to the militant, during the service, he first tried drugs, which he was treated to by his colleagues. Gradually he became addicted to drugs. He also noted that the use of drugs and alcohol in the ranks of the Russian occupation forces is quite common.

He also added that the concept of discipline is completely absent in the ranks of the pro-Russian militants. “Unable to withstand the bullying and constant humiliation both from the Russian curators and from his colleagues, the guy decided to voluntarily move to the territory controlled by Ukraine,” the OOS said.

Now investigators are working with the militant. The OOS was reminded, according to Part 6 of Art. 260 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the state guarantees release from liability to those persons who did not commit serious crimes against people, voluntarily left the ranks of illegal armed groups (NFP) and reported this to law enforcement officers.

Photo: in the JFO zone, the militant surrendered to the Ukrainian military (



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