The situation at the front is terrible for Ukraine, said Arestovich

Today’s situation at the front is “horrendous” for the Ukrainian army. Russia continues to push as Ukrainian troops lack the weapons they need to repel the offensive.

“Since we have, if not completely lost, then significantly limited our capabilities to defeat the operational rear of the Russian army, the pressure on the front will grow every day. And since we have nowhere to replenish, our ability to deal with this pressure will decrease. The situation at the front is terrible for us“, – said Arestovich.

According to a representative of the President’s Office, today the Russian invaders are hitting the Ukrainian troops with long-range weapons, and we “have nothing to counterbalance, except the courage of our soldiers.”

“But courage alone won’t take you far…” Arestovich summed up, recalling that Ukraine calls on its allies to provide long-range MLRS systems.

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