The singer Christophe was buried Thursday in Paris

The funeral of the composer and performer of “Aline” and “Mots bleus”, who disappeared on April 16, took place Thursday in the Montparnasse cemetery in the strictest of privacy, due to the constraints imposed by the epidemic of Covid-19 .

Christophe, whose real name is Daniel Bevilacqua, died on April 16 in a hospital in Brest “aftermath of emphysema”, a lung disease, had explained his family. He was 74 years old. He was buried Thursday afternoon “at the Montparnasse cemetery in the strictest privacy”, his family said in the evening to AFP in a statement.

Due to the health restrictions put in place following the epidemic of coronavirus, only the family and the closest collaborators of the singer were able to be present, none of the artists who worked with Christophe during his career could not attend the funeral, specified for his part The Parisian. The Ile-de-France daily also claims that the singer’s respiratory problems were aggravated by contamination with Covid-19.

In the aftermath of the artist’s death, his tubes, like The blue words, had resounded through the open windows of many French people confined. The announcement of his disappearance upset the entertainment world and beyond. Jean-Michel Jarre, author of the texts for two of his major albums – and their flagship songs – including The Lost Paradise (1973) and The blue words (1974), had confessed to losing “a member” of his “tribe”. “He was more than a singer, he was a couturier of the song.”

“With him, we shouted Aline, we said the blue words, we mourned the lost paradises”, also regretted the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in a press release.

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Recently, one of the songs of the “Beau Bizarre”, one of his nicknames, Ocean of love, had been chosen by JoeyStarr, half of NTM, to pay tribute to the “everyday heroes” and collect donations for the benefit of Doctors of the World. This title notably means: “The current takes you / I can hold you tight / Life is still going on.”

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