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Although “The Sims” is now in the fourth generation, there have always been similar extensions to the games that were already available from the predecessor. Until now, when players can look forward to a completely new DLC.

The latest expansion pack “The Sims 4 Live Sustainably” was released on June 5th, giving players the choice of what world they want to live in. You can choose from the littered Grims Quarry, the mediocre Conifer Station or the dilapidated Port Promise. The environment not only affects the newest world Evergreen Harbor, but also the neighborhoods that have existed so far.

Live sustainably

In the new expansion pack, Sims can pursue a more sustainable lifestyle and learn how their actions affect the environment. In a green neighborhood, Sims can benefit from fresh air, increased water and electricity production, and a healthy atmosphere. In an industrial neighborhood, there is polluted air from smog and the streets are full of mountains of rubbish.

Depending on which neighborhood the Sims choose, the neighborhood board can be used to vote on the appearance of the community area and on the action plans. It is important to act in order to leave an ecological footprint. If the Sims are not included in the projects, the neighborhood can quickly sink under piles of rubbish. However, if you intervene, the worlds will begin to blossom and show their best side.


The Sims can now be assigned certain environmental properties when creating them. However, they can also affect mood if the Sims don’t live in the desired environment. So it may be that one Sim only wants to live on sustainably produced water and electricity, while one wants to build a homemade candle empire.

The main focus of this expansion pack is to live sustainably and the easiest way to do this is when Sims can let off steam in the garbage cans that are scattered in the neighborhoods. In this way, entire living facilities can be collected and prettied up. There is also the possibility to recycle things and create new furnishings.


The DLCs of previous generations have always been very similar. With this expansion pack, however, it is completely different, because it is an unprecedented topic that is currently very topical. In this way, the developers have taken up a problem in which playful attention is paid to the correct handling of the environment.

In order to find their way around the game, the Sims are visited by some NPCs and educated about how to deal with the environment. Nevertheless, it took a little longer until everything was really understandable and actions could be taken to tidy up the neighborhood a little. Sims now seem to have something to do with the DLC that doesn’t get boring quickly.

“The Sims 4 Live Sustainably” is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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