The simple tricks to make the oven shine using natural products

The oven is thehousehold appliance more appreciated after the washing machine, it is the best ally of anyone who loves to put their hand to recipes and preparations. Often, due to being used, it happens that it becomes filled with food residues or grease.

Using a dirty oven is not recommended, it could have negative effects on cooking and health. However, cleaning this appliance can often be a real trauma due to the stubborn dirt that has accumulated.

To avoid turning something that is nothing but routine into a tragedy, it will be important to seek solutions. There are, in fact, several methods to clean the oven that include both the use of chemicals and only natural products.

The simple tricks to make the oven shine using natural products.

Water and vinegar

One of the methods preferred by many to clean the oven without using chemicals is the use of two simple ingredients: water and vinegar. The water and vinegar, together, turn into a real degreaser that can be used in many daily cleaning.

Before starting to clean the oven, you must remember to remove the racks which must be washed separately under running water. For the rest of the oven it will be necessary to proceed by hand using the mixture of water and vinegar.

Before starting to clean it will be useful to heat the oven to 140 degrees for a few minutes. In the meantime, pour a glass of water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil before adding the vinegar.

At this point, the mixture of water and vinegar must be put in the oven for about twenty minutes. This will allow the steam produced by the heat to settle on the encrustations to soften them.

Once softened it will be much easier to remove them, first you will need to turn off the oven and let it cool. Once it has cooled, proceed to remove the encrustations from the oven which will return to the shine, as just purchased.


Another trick to make your oven shine using natural products is to use Coca Cola. Coca Cola, in fact, is perfect for degreasing the trays supplied with the oven that often get damaged quickly due to grease and grease.

To clean these trays, pour the drink inside them and then turn the oven on to 200 degrees and let it evaporate. Once it has evaporated, the oven must be turned off and allowed to cool before starting to remove the fat with a sponge or using a toothbrush.

Here are revealed, therefore, the simple tricks to make the oven shine using natural products.

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