The Silicon Valley Offensive to oust Chinese TikTok from the United States

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Number one for downloads in the US and Europe since 2021, TikTok is about to dethrone Silicon Valley’s social networks. Avishek Das / SOPA Images / Sipa USA via Reuters Connect

DECRYPTION – Criticism of the app resonates in Washington, two years after Trump threatened a forced sale.

What if TikTok was Beijing’s fake nose? What if the app acquired data from Americans on behalf of China? What if its powerful content recommendation algorithm allowed the Chinese Communist Party to manipulate young Americans? Two years after Donald Trump’s failed attempt to force China’s ByteDance to sell TikTok, the hostile narrative against the hugely popular video service is back in force in the United States.

“Imagine that we are in the middle of the Cold War and that the Soviet Union is able to influence the television programs of the Western bloc. This is the situation we are in. “says Tristan Harris, founder of the NGO Center for Humane Technology, on his podcast. “Are we comfortable with the idea that a foreign organization can control what our children see? TikTok should be banned, period.said in mid-September about HBO channel marketing professor Scott Galloway, a detailed industry commentator …

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