The Silent Struggle: Unique Challenges and Solutions for Gaining Weight Safely

The Silent Struggle: Unique Challenges and Solutions for Gaining Weight Safely

We rarely know about the unique challenges thin people face. There is a silent struggle that occurs for those who want to look healthy and fit.

According to the World Health Organization, India bears one-third of the global burden of undernutrition.

According to the Global Hunger Index (GHI) 2022, the country is ranked 107 out of 121 countries.

Whether you are a student on a limited budget, or simply someone looking for cost-effective ways to get a healthier body, Neetu Chauhan, a certified nutrition expert, explains the process of gaining weight safely, according to what was quoted by the specialized medical website “onlymyhealth”.

What is the cheapest and fastest way to gain weight?

The cheapest way to gain weight is to strength train and eat home-cooked meals. All good plant food sources and dairy products can be easily purchased at reasonable prices.

“Gaining weight requires a person to eat a surplus of food, so the focus should be on completing calorie requirements and not on how cheap or expensive the diet plan is,” says Chauhan. She added, “If we talk about fitness equipment, there are many affordable options available online these days, and it is not necessary to buy everything from day one.” “Buy a pair or two of dumbbells and start there and keep adding gradually,” she continued.

In fact, the process is very simple; Strength training 4-5 days a week covers the muscles of the upper and lower body. Try to increase the overload slowly, which means increasing the weight of the dumbbells as you get stronger to challenge the muscles.

Support your workouts with a calorie surplus

Excess means the calories you eat are above the calories needed to support weight gain. These calories can be easily calculated using calorie calculators available online.

Make sure to increase your protein intake

Because muscle is basically protein, so to gain more muscle we must provide more protein to our body.

Aim for a range of 1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight to 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight. There is also no such thing as “the fastest”; When we talk about health goals, because every body is different and responds at its own pace, one must focus on following the right process consistently and patiently before knowing that the gains will start making their way to them.

According to the nutritionist, it is not possible to distinguish between what we eat based on gender. The boy or girl will eat the same food, but the quantities will differ.

It is important to understand that the amounts will vary from person to person and not from gender to gender. Depending on your age, height, weight, physical activity, etc., the calorie requirements and therefore the amounts of food sources will vary from person to person but the actual food source will remain the same.

Emphasizing the fact that protein is the same for everyone, there is no such thing as protein for men or protein for women.

Is it okay to overeat to gain weight?

The answer is no, absolutely. The solution to weight gain is not to overeat. Overdoing something is just as bad as underdoing it. Yes, one of the requirements for gaining weight is eating excess food but that does not mean that we overeat on excess calories. So keep it simple by maintaining a surplus of around 300 calories and building at a sustainable pace.

Is it necessary to avoid exercise to gain weight?

Exercising should be the first thing on the list for those who want to gain weight. Therefore, Chauhan encourages people to gain weight the right way, by exercising and focusing more on packing muscle to gain weight instead of packing a lot of fat.

Moreover, she says, “simply eating more and not exercising is a recipe for excessive fat gain, which leads to health problems.” If you are serious about gaining weight the right way, get moving.”

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