The silent hero of Wisła Kraków? Impressive statistics

When it comes to running statistics, Wisła was slightly better in every aspect. The players of “Biała Gwiazda” ran a total of 111.57 km (against Lechia 109.98 km), performed 102 sprints (101 in Gdańsk) and 515 fast runs (“White-Greens” 480).

Also the distance covered in the sprint and fast run was more impressive on the side of the hosts (1.84 km to 1.75 km and 7.57 km to 6.85 km, respectively).

The tireless left-back Matej Hanousek, who made 18 sprints, with the highest speed of 34.51 km / h, deserved a distinction in the Krakow team.

In the first of the statistics, however, the goalscorer of the second goal for Lechia – Ilkay Durmus, who had 20 sprints on his account, was better than him. The fastest in the Lechia team was Joseph Ceesay (33.71 km / h).

It is worth noting that in the “White Star” team as many as four players exceeded the barrier of 10 kilometers. Apart from Hanousek, they were: Felicio Brown Forbes (10.88 km), Aschraf El Mahdioui (11.52 km) and Konrad Gruszkowski (10.02 km).

There were two such players in Lechia – Mateusz Żukowski (10.01 km) and Tomasz Makowski (11.16 km).



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