The short film Archie and Nellie / Day is approaching for premiere

The short film tells the story of two neighbors, Arcia (70), an energetic supporter of a healthy lifestyle, and Nellie (65), who is in a sad resignation.

Director Madara Dischler emphasizes: “I hope that as a result of our work, the 15 minutes of each series will bring pleasant emotions and thus have a positive effect on the viewer’s mood, which will further shape the next stage in the chain towards a better quality of life.”

The creative core of the upcoming film are true professionals in their field. Starring Regina Razuma and Estonian actor Tonu Oja. Along with the director and author of the idea Madara Dischler, the film’s creative team also includes co-author of the script and dialogue Edgars Šubrovskis, animator Aigars Gercāns, cameraman Gatis Grīnbergs, composer Edgars Mākens, sound director Ernests Ansons and editing director Armands Začs.


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