“The Shocking Truth About Sugar Content in Packaged and Contemporary Drinks Revealed in Viral TikTok Video”


Packaged and contemporary beverage products are indeed delicious, but the sugar content should be watched out for. This viral video reveals the amount of sugar that makes netizens shocked.

The sugar content in sweet foods, packaged drinks, and contemporary drinks is relatively high. If consumed in excess of course harmful to health. One of them increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Through the TikTok video @h_hudari (13/05), this user shares a video containing sugar content in popular and contemporary packaged drinks posted by a multinational company that produces milk, butter and cheese.

Viral Video About Sugar Content in Current Drinks, Netizens Shocked Photo: TikTok

“Comparison of the sugar content of each product,” wrote the video description. There are several types of drinks lined up, from the least to the most sugar content. Here the sugar content is described by powdered sugar.

In the first drink there is Anlene One Day milk which has a sugar content of 3 grams. Then the second drink is Heavenly Blush Yogurt which contains 11 grams of sugar, beside it is the lychee-flavored Buavita drink which contains 18 grams of sugar.

Then in canned drinks like Pocari Sweat the sugar content reaches 20 grams. The Kopiko drink contains 24 grams of sugar, followed by Coca-Cola’s sugar content equivalent to 27 grams, and the Minute Maid drink contains 33 grams.

But the highest is Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with 34 grams of sugar and Chatime Milk Tea with jelly topping which has 45 grams of sugar.

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“Now how do you still like it? Foods that contain a lot of sugar. Start avoiding guys, start looking for low-sugar products to stay healthy. Hopefully this will be useful,” said Hudari.

Viral Video About Sugar Content in Current Drinks, Netizens Shocked Photo: TikTok

Seeing the levels of current drinks that have high sugar, of course, many netizens are worried and afraid to eat sweet food or drinks.

“It’s also good that I don’t buy Starbucks. Apart from being able to maintain my health, I don’t have the money to buy it either,” commented @putt **.

“Meanwhile, the daily sugar requirement is only 37.5 grams, not to mention the sugar content of rice,” continued @hum**.

However, there are also netizens who feel that this calculation is inaccurate because they only calculate the amount of sugar, but the total weight of the packaging is not stated.

“It’s not fair. The comparison is only the amount of sugar, but the total number of grams or milligrams is not stated,” criticized @osh **.

Quoting nutritional information from several products, some of these drinks actually have the same data as in the video. like the 330 ml can of Pocari Sweat Soft Drink for example. The size of the sugar is indeed 20 grams per 330 ml. Meanwhile, for Coca-Cola the size of a 250 ml can, the sugar content is 27 grams.

But what is difficult to prove is the content of Starbucks or Chatime drinks. Because on their official website they only display the number of calories, but there is no detailed information about the sugar content per serving.

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Health experts also recommend limiting daily sugar intake from packaged drinks or sweet drinks. This is detrimental to health in various aspects, including disrupting the health of teeth, joints and brain.

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