The Shocking Revelation: Oleg Gazmanov’s Hidden Secret Exposed or Misunderstood Prank?

The fact shocked the singer’s fans.

The life of Oleg Gazmanov has always been full of unexpected turns. In his youth, the artist was considered a promising artistic gymnast, but a leg injury put an end to his career. The future singer made progress in science, becoming a teacher at the Marine Engineering School, but in the end he chose show business. It turns out that Gazmanov, who is open to the public, still hides some details of his biography.

Vladimir Vinokur betrayed his colleague. The famous comedian decided to be closer to young people and attended an episode of the YouTube show “What Happened Next?”, talking with popular comedians. Suddenly, the artist began to make revelations about Oleg Gazmanov and gave out unexpected information about him.

Vinokur said that the patriotic singer actually has a completely different last name.

“Yes, it’s true, Oleg the Prophetic. By the way, he’s a very nice guy.” – the artist assured the audience.

True, it soon became clear that Vladimir Vinokur was joking after all, and the prank was picked up by gullible Internet users.

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